Diamond Color

Diamond Color
In its ideal form, a diamond is supposed to be colorless but as nature has it, many times foreign materials interfere with the creation process and “paint” the diamonds in different shades. Some of them are extremely desired like intense red or blue, but others are considered to be less desired or even undesired like brown or yellow tinge. 
This post will help you with the white diamonds color grading system. 
GIA Lab was the one lab to unify the diamond color grading system, and all of this post is based on their scale alone.

So GIA took all the white diamonds and sorted them by how colorless they are. D represents a completely colorless diamond (it is the most expensive diamond), then E, then F, and all the way to Z. 
In general those are the main groups:  
D-F – colorless diamonds
G-J – near colorless
K-M – very light color
S-Z – light color
In our experience most people buy diamonds between the D-M color, and this is the range we are focusing on:
Diamond Color Chart
** all the photos of the diamond color are of GIA certified diamonds. The photos were taken in very similar light conditions and equipment. 
What can you learn from this diamond color scale: 
As you can see, the difference between 2 following colors is quite small (and please keep in mind that we have the best conditions to photograph). So don’t choose a color in advance, only the color range you want to go with. This way you will not be locked on letters but rather on choosing the best looking diamond for you.
If you have a good eye you can see that the yellow tinge is heavier from K color. So we believe that for white gold or platinum you should choose a color between D-J. 
On the other hand, yellow gold or even the rose gold color will give the diamond a tinge, so it’s really not necessary to pay for the highest colors.
We believe that you should choose a diamond with your own eyes.
Take this common scenario – there could be 2 diamonds –  one is E color and the other one is F color.
Otherwise they have the exact same grading marks.
If you see them in real life, the F is truly lively and more full of life than the E.  
If you buy online you might go for the higher letters but the fact is that the nicer diamond was not chosen. 
If you are looking for a diamond and want to see what you are buying, get all the info and insist on being treated with full transparency, you are more than welcome to contact us for a free grading consultation. 


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