Is cubic zirconia better than diamonds? Diamonds

Is Cubic Zirconia Better Than Diamonds?

Perhaps you’ve always adored gemstones or you want to purchase your first special jewelry item. You’re undecided between a Cubic Zirconia & Diamond and unsure …

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Can you resell diamonds? Diamonds

Can You Resell Diamonds?

Customers frequently ask us: “Can you resell diamonds?” As diamond specialists, we can assure you that your purchased diamonds do have worth, but various aspects determine the actual amount you can receive.

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block-2-img Diamonds

Diamond Grading

One aspect people should know about diamonds is they’re not all the same. Every diamond that’s formed has unique qualities. Diamonds can come in various …

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How To Tell If A Diamond Is Real Diamonds

How To Tell If A Diamond Is Real – 5 Ways to Find Out

Receiving a diamond is always a special occasion. But do you have a nagging thought at the back of your mind, doubting whether it’s an authentic stone? Not to worry! We have your solution.

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Diamond Solitaire Settings Diamonds

Diamond Solitaire Settings

What is a solitaire diamond setting? In short, it’s any jewelry that has one single stone as part of the setting. In rings, a lady’s …

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where-are-blue-diamonds-found Diamonds

Where Are Blue Diamonds Found

Perhaps part of the fascination of colored stones is that no two of these diamonds will be 100% similar. They’ll be unique in shade, with …

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