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8 Factors that Affect Jewelry Value

Numerous factors affect the quality and value of the jewelry. Some of the most paramount factors include the jewelry design; the materials used in making the jewelry; craftsmanship with which it is made; condition of the jewelry; if any alterations have been done, and its rarity. Many factors are considered for new jewelry as well, though some of the factors are unique to some pieces of jewelry. Based on the above factors and more, the value of the jewelry is estimated.

Jewelry value is crucial because it determines the resale value. Knowing the value of your jewelry is necessary for some reasons; The most basic one is that you may want to sell the jewelry items to earn some profit. Moreover, Determining the value of your jewelry is essential for purposes like insurance, etc. You may also find that some jewelry is worth more than the price you have paid for it or that it is worth less than the actual cost. 

In this guide, you will learn about many factors that determine the jewelry’s value. 

Beauty and design of the jewelry

These are two of the top-most considerations in determining the jewelry’s quality and value. However, it is also a matter of personal choice. Some pieces of jewelry are antique, and their designs are more of a raw form. They have immense jewelry value as they are timeless and priceless. Regardless, some of the modern designs are also very beautiful and have different kinds of texture. The jewelry piece’s colors may vary based on the materials used in making it and are visually attractive. If the structure of the ornaments is harmonious and symmetric in size, its value is even further enhanced. The technicalities involved in making the jewelry also decides the price of the jewelry.

Materials used in making jewelry

The materials from which the jewelry piece is made positively affect its value. For instance, if the gold jewelry is made of 14K or 18K gold, it affects its pricing. Or if it is a ruby studded jewelry or red garnet, it also affects the value. In some of the cases, it relates to the quality of the jewelry too. For example, natural, uncut sapphire or diamond with pure color and high clarity reflects a high-quality level.


Craftsmanship involved in the jewelry

jewelry value

It is another crucial factor that plays a role in both the quality and value of the jewelry. In well-defined jewelry, all the parts of the jewelry fit together nicely. The mechanical parts like the clasps, hooks & links should function properly. A good artisan will ensure that the surface is rightly polished or even textured smoothly. Details should be well defined, and the finishing should be perfect. With excellent craftsmanship, the value of the jewelry raises the bar.

Alterations or modifications of the jewelry

There are many alterations or modifications with old jewelry that can be classified as repair of the old jewelry, remodeling of the new jewelry, or changes to the original design. The first step includes things that need to be taken to correct the common fitting problems. Remodeling has procedures like converting a pendant into a ring or vice-versa while changes involve some minor adaptations like replacing screw backs of the earrings or necklaces to fit correctly. Usually, these kinds of alterations decrease the value of the jewelry.

Rarity of the jewelry

The rarity of the jewelry or diamond jewelry depends on the supply and demand. It has more to do with jewelry value than its quality. It is not easy to determine the jewelry value based on rarity. Rarity usually depends on how common a particular form of jewelry or the style was in a certain period. It also depends on how much the customers like this jewelry. It is common for the rare pieces to be costly, as it is rarely available. Although, on the other hand, these pieces can have low value as the demand for them is less, so they are manufactured rarely.

Metals and stones embedded in the jewelry

Most pieces of gold jewelry of diamond consist of some metal and precious gemstones inserted in them. The type of metal used in making the jewelry and the gemstones embedded in the jewel profoundly affects the jewelry’s value. It is not surprising to know that gold is a precious metal. But you will be surprised to learn that jewelry made out of Platinum can be worth a lot too – it is because of the production process of such jewels from that particular metal, which is more complicated. And of course, there is Silver; But this metal is no longer precious. It is so commonly used that its worth became low in accordance. .r

In short, if you have precious metal jewelry with diamonds and other genuine gemstones, the piece of jewelry will be even more pricey. It has a higher resale value if you sell gemstone jewelry.

Condition of the jewelry

The condition of the jewelry is a significant factor that determines its value in the market. If the gold is repaired or damaged in some form or if the metal color has tarnished, it will lose a fair amount of money. If a gold chain is broken or a few stones are not there in the diamond ring, the value will reduce even further.

It is necessary to note that some prefer the antiquated form of the jewelry pieces. If you have such antique jewelry pieces, your option is to sell to specialty dealers instead of a local shop, because they will evaluate your piece much more.

Brand of the jewelry

At last, the brand of your piece can also mainly affect its value. Some people are more interested to learn that costume jewelry can be valuable, depending on the brand. 

All these factors determine the jewelry’s value. But in order to make sure you evaluated your jewel to its maximum price, it is common and even recommended to contact experts to know the proper worth of your jewelry. Sell Your Jewelry by Dianoche provides a free consultation to evaluate precious jewelry by in-house gemologists and other professionals. With this free consultation, the sellers get to know their jewelry’s value and its true worth. If you wish to sell your jewelry, then is the right place for you. We provide an honest quote for your jewelry with transparency in the process. Try us and we will be happy to help you!



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