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    Pawn Shop Jewelry

    What’s the Alternative for Pawning Jewelry?

    Jewelry serves as portable wealth that you can trade at any time. Some people buy jewelry as insurance or an asset to fall back on in case of a financial crisis. As a result, people visit pawn jewelry shops to pawn jewelry in general.

    Before deciding to pawn jewelry in Singapore, you have to know that there is a better option than going to pawn jewelry. This alternative involves doing business with the direct manufacturers by selling the jewelry directly to them.

    But first, let’s understand what are the differences between pawning your jewelry and selling your jewelry.

    Pawnshop VS Selling Jewelry

    Why is Selling Your Jewelry a Better Option?

    • The best jewelry is made from gems, stones, and metals of high value. Despite some falls in market value, these products always have great value. You gain more when you sell them than when you are pawning them because when you pawn, their special value is not considered.
    • If you are trying to emotionally detach from an ex, selling your engagement ring, wedding ring, or jewelry bought by them is a great move. You stand to gain emotional freedom and money.
    • But the main answer to this question is that you will gain much more by selling your jewelry instead of pawning it – both financially and emotionally. The value of your jewelry will be much more appreciated by the hands of a jeweller in a jewelry store, so you will get better paid, AND you will have no obligation or debt for anybody. You get paid higher and faster – and you are free to go. It’s a win-win situation.
    Sell Gold

    A Few Tips For Selling Used Jewelry

    1. Before selling, you must acquire an appraisal to know the value of your jewelry. Therefore, carry out research and know your jewelry in detail (the cut, clarity, karat, carat weight, and color). Thus, check the certification stamp to see the value of the precious metal in your piece.
    2. The monetary offer you get depends on the quality of your jewelry. Official documents are required in sales as it proves your authenticity. 
      3. Where and who you sell to is a determining factor. Whether it’s a jewelry pawnshop or a jewelry store.

    Where To Sell Used Jewelry?

    • Online websites or auction sites – You can sell jewelry online but it’s usually slow as you need to ship your item and then wait for the payment.
    • Gold exchange store – There are existing gold exchange stores that buy jewelry and melt it down to make new ones. However, mostly, they pay a fixed price that is much lower than the actual gold market value.
    • Sell directly to a jeweler – When selling to jewelers or jewelry manufacturers you receive immediate payment, good service, and clear, honest quotations. They give the best prices because the jeweler will buy your item to use its gold or diamonds. Hence, they pay you the nearest value to the market’s price.
    Jewelry buyer, pawn shop

    It’s better you go to a jewelry store than to pawn jewelry for better offers. Sell Your Jewelry is the best place in Singapore for selling any form of jewelry directly to the manufacturer. We also give free evaluations for your items. We are hoping to share as much knowledge with you as possible, and we are absolutely transparent.

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    Even if you search for the best pawn for jewelry, their prices are still low and the loan rates high because they are middlemen who calculate their profits when trading, whereas a jeweler doesn’t charge extra. That said, patronizing a diamond necklace pawn, diamond gold earrings pawn, or diamond gold bracelet pawn is a risky deal.

    Visit a jewelry store rather than visit a jewelry pawn; for better offers and peace of mind (with no obligation), contact us at SellYourJewelry by Dianoche. Sell Your Jewelry offers the best prices in Singapore for gold, diamond, rubysapphireemerald or any jewelry. We give free complete evaluations for your items, and you do not have to close the deal if you want to, If you’re going to make a price comparison or need more time to think. Moreover, we are an open book looking to share as much knowledge with you as possible, and we are 100% transparent.

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