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    Second Hand Jewelry: Sell, Buy or Trade Them?

    sell old jewelry

    If you’re looking to sell your pre-owned gold jewelry, you’ll want to find reputable second-hand jewelry buyers near you. Luckily, there are many options available, both online and in-person. When looking for second-hand jewelry buyers, be sure to do your research and choose a company with a strong reputation for fair pricing and customer satisfaction. With the current high demand for gold, you may be pleasantly surprised by the value of your second-hand jewelry. So, whether you’re looking to make some extra cash or just clear out some clutter, selling your second-hand gold jewelry is a smart move. Trustworthy second-hand jewelry buyers are eager to help you make the most of your valuable items.

    Pre owned jewelry is very precious. How much is it valuable? Apart from the fact that it’s cheaper to buy and luxurious to possess, here are some impressive advantages: 

    • Sometimes, some pieces of second-hand jewelry are made from materials of superior quality, which have stood the test of time. Sometimes they also feature rare gems and metals that cost more. like pre-owned gold jewelry crafted with 22k gold, which was used for royalty in antiquity
    • Second-hand jewelry, like second hand gold jewelry, offers more unique pieces. They were crafted years ago, and that makes it tough to find someone flaunting the same piece or a replica as yours – this is an advantage both for selling and buying second hand jewelry.
    • It is a sensible investment – for example, when purchasing a new diamond necklace VS a pre-loved diamond necklace; They may cost the same when you buy them, but over time, the new one depreciates while the pre-owned diamond necklace appreciates as it ages, and it will be a much better investment when you want to sell it in the future.

    So now you know how profitable it is to buy and sell second hand jewelry. But what if we tell you that there is also a third and new option in the market of pre owned jewelry?

    We at Dianoche, have started a revolutionary and first-of-its-kind market for trading in second hand jewelry made of gold and diamonds. This means that if you’re not stressed about getting instant money or if you want to buy second hand jewelry for a much lower price – you can just bring an old piece of jewelry you have at home, and take a second-hand piece of jewelry, in a ‘like-new’ quality, from our stock instead.

    Now, what are you interested in?
    • Sell my pre owned jewelry
    • Learn more about the trade-in option
    • Buy second hand jewelry

    Sell Second Hand Jewelry

    selling pre owned Jewelry
    Selling Pre Owned Jewelry for Cash

    How to sell my pre owned jewelry?

    It is pretty easy to sell a piece of second hand jewelry; it can be pre owned diamond jewelry from a family heirloom, a pre-owned gold ring that you no longer need, or even a random pre owned gold necklace. Here are the three main steps for how to sell your second hand items:

    • Examine the condition of your jewelry – the state of your pre loved jewelry determines its price. So firstly, before attempting to sell or get a professional appraisal, you have to examine it for scratches and dents. The better the condition of your jewelry, the higher value it has.
    • Clean your jewelry – if you wish to sell a set of pre-owned gold earrings, for example, you have to clean it thoroughly to make the gold shine again. However, do not use any harsh abrasives or chemicals for cleaning. All you need is a bowl of warm soapy water and a soft brush to gently wipe away dirt and grime.
    • Decide on a place to sell – There are various places to sell second-hand jewelry, like selling directly at online websites, do an auction or sell in-person to a pawn shop, local store, or a jeweler; If your appraiser is willing, you can also use him or her as a broker to sell your second-hand jewelry. But finding the right buyer may be challenging since most individuals feel secure buying jewelry from an official store; This leaves you with the option of selling to a jeweler, which would be the best option.
    Second Hand Jewelry

    Why is selling to us your best option?

    First of all, because we take care of everything. You don’t have to examine or clean your item and you don’t have to look for a buyer either – all you need is the official certifications of your diamond jewelry or any other important paper that can help us give you the best estimation for your piece. 

    Secondly, because we are a business of diamond manufacturers with almost two decades of experience in the jewelry world. We have both experienced gemologists and jewelres, with vast knowledge, who sit down with clients who are looking to sell their old jewelry at a fair price. The appraisal we offer is free and you have no obligation to sell to us at the end of the meeting. All you need to do is schedule that consultation meeting, and we will take care of everything else.

    And finally, because we will give you the best price offers in Singapore for selling pre-owned gold bracelets, pre owned diamond rings, and all sorts of pre-owned gold jewelry, with or without diamonds and gemstones. 

    Trade-in Second Hand Jewelry

    Our Sell Your Jewelry service is more than just a place for you to sell pre-loved gold jewelry and pre loved diamond jewelry. That’s one amongst many options as we offer a list of exclusive services. Did you know that there’s an alternate payment option apart from paying in cash for second-hand jewelry? Dianoche is happy to introduce you to a revolutionary way of acquiring new jewelry in the 21st century: Trade your old, unused jewelry for better, renovated, beautiful and like-new second hand jewelry!

    This trade-in payment method for buying pre-loved diamond bracelets, pre-loved gold earrings, pre-loved gold rings, and other high-end jewelry items is the cherry on the icing. Why is that?
    Because almost everyone has at least one item of unused jewelry, like a pre-loved gold necklace, lying in your jewelry box. And trading it in can come out handy for both of these scenarios: 

    • If you thought about selling it for cash – You can choose the trade-in option as a long term investment to get a renewed item that has a better value, instead of getting paid with instant money that can be spent immediately on something else. Then you will have something new and exciting to wear, and also an item that accumulates you more value over the years.
    • If you were thinking of buying a new piece of jewelry – High-end jewelry sometimes costs a fortune that we don’t usually have available. So instead of compromising on substitutes like cheaper metals that wear out faster or fake diamonds, with our trade-in option you can get two birds with one stone: both a new luxury piece of jewelry made of quality materials (that also passed the test of time!) and a long-term investment. 

    All you have to do is schedule a visit to our office, so we can give you the estimated price of the jewelry you wish to trade, and with that value you can purchase any other jewelry from our showroom. If the value of your item is lower than the value of the second hand jewelry you chose, you will only have to pay the difference; On the other hand, if the value of your item is equal or greater to the value of the jewelry you chose, you can take it for free or even get spare cash!

    Either way, it’s a win-win for you. We accept all second-hand jewelry, be it a pre-loved diamond ring, pre-loved diamond earrings, pre-loved gold bracelet and many more pre-items; As long as they are made from gold and/or diamonds and precious stones, like Ruby, Emerald and Sapphires.

    Buy Second Hand Jewelry

    If you’re interested in buying a pre-owned diamond bracelet, second-hand gold ring, second-hand gold necklace, second-hand diamond bracelets, second-hand diamond earrings, etc., you should know the market. Also, you should check for hallmark certification to know the metal the piece of jewelry is crafted from. 

    At Dianoche, we have vintage jewelry for sale at good prices. In addition, we give proper care to all our items, such as second-hand gold earrings, second-hand gold bracelets, second-hand diamond rings, pre owned diamond earring and second hand diamond necklaces. Our utmost priority is to treat and maintain our jewelry, so you shop for the best jewelry in a good as new state.

    If you need a reliable jeweler to sell, trade, or buy second-hand jewelry in Singapore, you’re welcome to transact with us. Just fill and submit the form below to schedule a free consultation – for either buying, selling or trading your jewelry.


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