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Owning a lot of jewelry can sometimes become very disturbing. This is especially true when diamonds are the case. Diamond is a high-maintenance gem and therefore needs a lot of attention.

When it begins to overwhelm you, the best next move is to sell them off. The money gotten from the gem sale can be very useful to you.

That said, if your problem is to sell diamonds, then worry no more. This article contains everything you need to know about how to sell diamonds for cash, especially if you want to sell diamonds in Singapore.

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    What Factors Affect Diamond Value?

    Diamonds can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars or mere hundreds; it all depends on their features.

    Synonymous to other valuable things like cars or houses, many different features together define a diamond’s value. These features include shapes, sizes, colors, clarity, polish, and other internal or external qualities.

    The core test of a diamond’s grade is usually made from the four C’s:

    1. Color:

    The value of diamond ranges from D to Z, where D is 100% transparent, and Z is yellow. This measures the amount of color in the diamond, where D is the most valuable as it causes more light to be reflected on the facets, which creates that unique sparkle that people are so attracted to.

    2. Clarity:

    Clarity depends upon the absence of inclusions (internal) and blemishes (external) marks. The values range from FL to I3 or flawless to visible, respectively. They refer to the number of marks, in which I3 is when marks are visible without equipment, and flawless has none even with equipment. This is very important when you want to sell diamonds for cash.

    Sometimes, damages to a diamond’s exterior or interior can only be seen with special magnifying equipment.

    3. Carat Weight (ct): 

    This refers to the net weight of the diamond in carats.

    4. Cut Grade:

    In diamond value estimators, these range from excellent to poor and refer to the cut quality and shape of the diamond – if proportional or not. Excellent cuts enhance the prism effect and reflect light better, and thus are more desirable.

    5. Shape:

    There are several popular cuts; the most popular are the round brilliant, then the “Fancy” cuts: heart, pear, oval, emerald, cushion, radiant, and princess cuts. Their popularity changes according to fashion trends in the industry.

    6. Symmetry:

    Ranges from excellent to poor and is graded on how the facets are aligned with one another; facets like the table, culet, crown, and girdle.

    7. Treatment:

    Some diamonds are artificially enhanced to have better clarity or color. This can be detected by special equipment, and these diamonds are considered less valuable than naturally clear or colored diamonds. Some treatments use fracture filling or HPHT for enhancement.

    8. Fluorescence:

    Valued from none to very strong, and refers to the amount of shine under UV lights. The less shine, the better, as impurities cause it.

    9. Polish:

    Valued from excellent to poor, and refers to the degree of smoothness of each facet. Roughness can be spotted with specialized magnifying equipment.

    Tips To Sell Diamonds For A Fair Price

    Determining a fair price to sell your diamond jewelry is a very important step if you want to sell diamonds for cash. 

     To do this, you must keep in mind the following things:

    • You need to carefully evaluate the piece of diamond that you wish to sell. You should be sure whether you want to sell your diamond rings, sell diamond bracelets, sell diamond necklaces or sell diamond earrings.
    • Observe your diamonds for specifically certified markings, dates, brands, and other similar features. Ensure you research them properly. This always helps in making a wise decision.
    • Note if there is any damage to the diamonds, take photographs of the diamonds and keep certifications carefully.
    • Know the current market rates, and sell diamonds for cash to a reputable buyer.

    Things To Put Into Consideration When Making A Deal To Sell Diamonds In Singapore

    Before you go ahead to sell diamonds for cash, try to check if the buyers are  legitimate, and does their site appear to be professional?

    Additionally, below are questions you must ask yourself;

    • Is there good feedback about this buyer? Does it have good reviews on Google?
    • Does the buyer have a physical address?
    • Is the jeweler’s phone number accessible?
    • Do they possess jewelry business knowledge?
    • Does the buyer have a better business bureau rating(BBB)?
    • Do they have a transparent transaction system?

    How Can I Sell My Diamond For Cash?

    If you have decided to put up your diamond jewelry for sale, then the next question on your mind is most probably “how can I go about it.”

    Fortunately, selling your diamonds will not be a lot of stress since diamonds are gems high in demand. You can sell diamonds for cash through online vendors, auctions, pawnshops, and any other trusted merchants you know.

    Where Should I Sell My Diamond Jewelry?

    There are a lot of diamond buyers in Singapore, and this sometimes leaves you confused as to where to sell diamonds for cash. 

    Some jewelers buy from you online, through auctions, pawn shops, etcetera.

    However, if you live in Singapore, the best place to sell diamonds for cash and not just diamonds but also sell rubies, sell sapphire and sell emerald is at Sell Your Jewelry.

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    We work in full transparency and provide all relevant knowledge to our customers to help them make the best decisions in the jewelry and diamonds world. This makes us your best choice to sell diamonds for cash.

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