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    Buy And Sell Gold

    Sell Gold In Singapore: The Ultimate Guide On Selling Your Gold In Singapore

    One of earth’s very interesting and expensive natural resources is gold.  Gold can be used to make a series of things, ranging from jewelry to utensils and furniture. 

    Selling gold will serve as a very good source of income when finances seem to be unbalanced or when you are no longer in need of them.  But sometimes, understanding how gold buyers work seems to be quite a thorn in the flesh, even though you will make quite a lot if you sell gold in Singapore.

    If you live in Singapore and want to give out your gold for cash, then this article is for you to guide you every step of the way.

    Reasons For Selling Gold Jewelry

    Since gold is very valuable, You might be wondering, “why should I sell out my gold jewelry?” Well, there are a couple of reasons that should make you want to sell gold

    Some of them include:

    • Using the money from the sold gold jewelry to augment for lagging bills: you possibly can’t be in a lot of debt and own 24k gold jewelry. Selling it off will give you a huge boost in clearing bills. 
    • If you don’t sell off any gold jewelry that you no longer need, the jewelry will keep losing its value. The reason is that the more you keep it, the more scratches the gold jewelry gets. 
    • You can sell your gold jewelry to pay for a vacation trip.
    • If you sell gold jewelry, you will have a chance to purchase less expensive jewelry in larger quantities.

    You can also use the money gained from selling gold to set up a small business. If you sell gold in Singapore, you can make such an amount of money in no time.

    Best Place To Buy And Sell Gold In Singapore

    buy and sell gold

    Singapore is known to be one of the most beautiful cities where serious business and day-to-day activities are out of normal. Because of this, many people have had to refrain from the idea of selling gold in Singapore because they are scared of getting cheated.

     Worry no more if you are worried about where to sell gold jewelry in Singapore, as good business has been brought to your doorstep on a golden platter. 

    The best place to sell gold in Singapore is at Dianoche

    Here at Dianoche, we buy your gold from you at the best rates they can go for. Not just sell gold jewelry, it might interest you to know that Dianoche is the best place to buy gold in Singapore. 

     At Dianoche, you get a free consultation session with an expert gemologist before you sell or buy from us. This process is done to ensure you carry out efficient business. And we also appreciate your trust by giving you the best of any offer you can get when you sell gold in Singapore.

    How Do You Value My Gold? A 3 Step Process

    Unlike anywhere you sell gold in Singapore, we at Dianoche make sure you know the value of your gold and sell it out without issues of any kind.

    We believe you should be aware and well informed about any item you want to sell to us. 

    This is achieved in three easy steps:

      1. Book A Free Consultation: The first step to go through in selling gold to us is booking a free consultation. You can book a free consultation session with an expert gemologist on our website. 
      2. We will evaluate your item with an item calculator to know just how much it cost. This process is to ensure that nobody is getting cheated on any end. You get what your gold is worth, and we get gold worth what we paid for.
      3. We give you an offer and pay you immediately: here, an offer is proposed for your gold jewelry or gold item, and the deal’s closing is done only after you have agreed to the offer. You are then paid immediately with your preferred transfer platform.
    selling pre owned Jewelry

    Sell Gold For Cash In Singapore

    Selling gold every other day seems to be a very hectic task. From moving from one merchant to another to compare prices, down to ensuring that you get the best deals for your gold and also protecting your valuable gold from bandits while you walk around the Jewel market. 

    All of these problems have been taken care of properly by Dianoche. You don’t have to worry about the value of your gold and its market price as all these will be handled with serious expertise.

    We are undoubtedly the best gold buyers In Singapore. We are also available for business if you need where to sell gold bars.  When you sell your gold to us, payment is made and received through the preferred transfer platform.  At Dianoche, your gold goes for the best gold price.

    How Much Can My Gold Sell For In Singapore?

    Quite true, gold is valuable, but just how much can you get from this magnificent resource when you sell it.  Gold prices in Singapore start from around S$ 75 per gram of 22k gold and S$85 per gram of 24k gold. 

    Note: pure gold may cost a whole lot higher than the 22 and 24 karat gold. These other gods have been mixed with other metals and alloys to give them a stable shape. Whenever these alloys have been mixed with any gold, the gold item becomes cheaper.

    How to Sell Gold

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