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    Sell Gold Necklace

    When you’re tight on cash, the first thing that comes to mind is what to sell to get instant cash. In this situation, we often think of valuable items like jewelry.

    You can sell gold necklaces, gold rings, gold bracelets, and other forms of jewelry for cash. Pawnshops and jewelry stores are popular places for selling gold necklaces.

    Why Should You Sell Your Gold Necklace?

    There are so many reasons people resell their jewelry. Some people sell gold jewelry because it’s old and less attractive than when it was first acquired. Others sell jewelry because they have emotionally detached themselves from it, and so it has lost value in their eyes.

    Some jewelry owners may decide to sell their jewelry because it is out of fashion and isn’t trending anymore.

    Majorly, the aim of selling jewelry is to get instant money and make a profit.  

    Gold necklaces are good investments and saving methods. The gold market is very favorable most times. 

    If you would like to get returns on this investment, then you should sell your gold jewelry.

    You can also contact us through WhatsApp or Email and send us images of your item.
    And you’re always welcome to call.

    Get a quote and evaluation from an expert gemologist and a certified member of the Diamond Exchange of Singapore. 

    NO obligation from your side.

    How Much Do You Get for Used Gold Jewelry?

    Generally, when you resell old or used jewelry, you won’t get the same amount you got when you first bought it. Also, the gold price when you’re selling your gold jewelry might affect the price of the jewelry. 

    The resale value of gold jewelry is less than the cost because a percentage of the cost of gold jewelry goes for making changes. 

    In addition, the worth of the gold you are reselling depends on the purity of the gold. For example, the scrap price of 21K gold is about $1300 per ounce and $40 per gram. Therefore, 21K is the closest thing to pure gold.

    How Can I Sell My Gold Necklace?

    When you sell a gold necklace, there are certain things you need to do. Carrying out these specific actions helps you gain the most and keep you safe from undesired risks. 

    Below are some helpful tips for selling gold necklaces. 

    1. Know the worth of the necklace:

    You should know the current price of gold before deciding to sell a gold necklace.

    Knowing an estimated price gives you an advantage. 

    Most of the gold jewelry we have is not entirely made of pure gold. More often than not, the gold jewelry also has an alloy. 

    When you sell a gold necklace, you will only be paid for the parts of the jewelry that are pure gold.

    2. Get an appraisal:

    It’s good to get an appraisal when reselling your jewelry. An appraisal is critical for jewelry to be resold. 

    You need an appraisal, particularly when the person you are selling your gold necklace to is paying based on the size of the gold.

    An appraisal is simply a document containing a detailed description of your jewelry. Then, an estimated monetary value is assigned to the jewelry based on the descriptions.

    3. Quality research:

    You should sell a gold necklace to someone with a good and respectable history in buying jewelry. With that, you are sure that your gold necklace is in safe hands and that the organization is not scandalous.

    An excellent way to know a reputable buyer is by finding out if they belong to any jewelry trade association. Associations like that always ensure that their members offer standard services.

    Also, you should have many buyers to choose from than depending on only one buyer. 

    This is because the offer you may get from one buyer might be better or worse than what you got from another buyer. 

    4. Protect yourself:

    After you sell a gold necklace, take legal measures to ensure certain dangers do not meet you.

    To avoid risks, you can take pictures of the piece of jewelry and document it together with copies of necessary certificates. 

    Finally, check the company’s reimbursement policy in case of a loss. If it’s huge, be sure to get an appraisal immediately.

    5. Convince yourself:

     When a piece of jewelry is given as a gift or bought for a special purpose or occasion, it’s tough to let it go.

    You should adequately think about selling your jewelry and ensure that you are 100% convinced to sell.

    This will help you avoid regrets after selling it. 

    Jewelry like necklaces, rings, and bracelets are the best forms of jewelry. 

    Don’t only think of what you can gain financially when you sell a gold necklace. Ensure that you are emotionally ready to depart from the bracelet.

    It should be easier to sell the necklace when you are not attached to it in any way.

    Free Gold Necklace Appraisal

    Sometimes, a jewelry store or pawn shop will give you a free jewelry appraisal. But, it’s mostly if you are a regular customer. 

    An appraisal is above what you may pay for the same bracelet at a jewelry store, but it’s essential for insurance and tax.

    To avoid paying for an appraisal, you can do it yourself. For example, you can do a free gold necklace evaluation for yourself with the right appraisal kit.

    Where to Sell Gold Necklace

    If you are looking to sell gold necklaces in Singapore, you can sell gold necklaces at Sell Your Jewelry. Sell Your Jewelry is one of the best gold buyers in Singapore. In exchange for your gold jewelry, we will offer you a reasonable price. 

    Other than selling gold necklaces, you can also sell gold bracelets, sell your gold rings, anklets, etc., to us.

    Sell Your Jewelry has been in the practice of buying jewelry for many years. So you can trust us with your jewelry and with quality prices and services. 

    Also, we offer a free consultation to help you with selling your jewelry. To get this free consultation, all you need to do is fill in and submit the form below.


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