How To Sell Rubies In Singapore: The Ultimate Guide

Rubies are pink to blood-red colored gemstones that are extremely rare, expensive, and beautiful. They are one of the top four precious gemstones of the world. Rubies are initially flat tabular hexagonal shapes.

Having to sell rubies – especially in Singapore – can be quite a daunting task. Unlike other gemstones, many factors come to play, and you have to consider most of them. Aside from finding the right buyer, you must first understand everything about your beautiful jewelry. 

Therefore, If you have to sell rubies in Singapore and need help, this article has covered you. Let’s dive in!

How Can You Know Your Ruby's Value?

Knowing how valuable your ruby is will give you a hint on just how much you can make off its sale. There are a few things to look out for when checking the value of a ruby before you take it to the market.

They include:


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    • Size

    When measuring the value of your ruby, the weight is always a determining factor as to how valuable it is. This weight is measured in carats. The higher the carat, the higher the value.

    • Transparency

    More often, gems that you can see-through are known to be of high value. This, however, doesn’t mean that all rubies with blemishes are worthless.

    Transparency/clarity is just exceptional quality, and many times, people who sell rubies look out for it in any ruby they want to purchase.

    • Color

    This attribute is one of the most important characteristics to look out for in a valuable ruby. When checking for color quality, be sure to look out for the shade (red, pink, or oxblood), tincture (color brightness), color depth, and consistency of the color(coverage). The mixture of the shade, tincture, and color depth produces the color, while the coverage refers to the oneness of that color throughout the gemstone.

    • Cut

    A valuable ruby has a very nice and even cut. A nice cut combined with other features makes the value of a gemstone unbeatable.

    To save you the whole stress when you want to sell rubies, you can take your gem to a reliable specialist to evaluate it and tell you just how much it’s worth.

    Market Value Of Rubies

    If you want to sell rubies, then the first question on your mind would most likely be, “how much do rubies sell for?”  

    The market value of rubies or rubies price depends on where you sell them in Singapore. Depending on its value and estimated carat, you can sell your jewelry ranging from S$13 to S$15,000.

    Ruby Value In Comparison To Sapphire And Emerald

    Ruby, Sapphire, and Emeralds are known to be the three most valuable of all gemstones. They all have unique features that give them their market value. It is quite different from selling rubies when you either sell sapphire or decide to sell emerald.

    Some of the features to compare include:






    A fine ruby starts to sell at about S$500 per carat.

    A fine sapphire without blemishes in its purest sells from about S$1,000 per carat.

    An emerald shiny and green without any synthetic traces sells from S$525 to S$1,255 per carat.


    A ruby with a finely saturated shade of pink to pigeon blood red.   

    A very valuable Sapphire has high color saturation. Therefore, the color of a valuable Sapphire is always a fine and transparent royal blue.

    Emeralds, on the other hand, are unique gemstones that come in a dark transparent green color.

    Ruby Value In Comparison To Sapphire And Emerald

    If you want to sell rubies, there is a shortlist of a few things on how to sell that you should keep in mind. These will help you excel properly and build you towards the money you hope to make from selling gemstones. 

    Below are some of the tips for selling gemstones in Singapore: 

    • Patience: It is true that much money can be made when you sell this valuable gem, but this doesn’t happen overnight. It requires a lot of patience and discipline. Don’t be in a rush; always be calm, so you lose.
    • Experience: A popular saying goes, “Experience is the best teacher” if you have little or no experience in the field, take out time to learn more about gemstones and their market conditions/ values. Having limited experience could warrant you losing if you want to sell gemstones.
    • Means of selling: Of course, this is an essential requirement if you want to sell rubies. Having a stable marketplace of where to sell gemstones in Singapore helps reduce loss and excess cheating as compared to selling to different merchants every time.
    • Creativity: at the end of the day, your ability to make something very intriguing and unique places you higher in the market, giving you an upper hand over others in the gem market. 

    Whatever you do, try to make your gemstone look as attractive as ever, even though you no longer need them.  You can decide to put your ruby on jewelry or other precious stones to make them look even more attractive and sell higher. Typical examples of other valuable gems you can add to rubies to sell are Diamond ruby rings, Gold ruby necklaces, a ruby bracelet, etcetera.


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      Differences Between Evaluation Of A Diamond And A Ruby

      Rubies and diamonds are both costly and highly demanded gemstones. Despite this, there are a few ways to differentiate them during evaluation. They include:

      • Color: A ruby is pink to red while diamonds are clear. (unless in cases where it is a colored diamond which is extremely rare).
      • Weight: When placed on a Mohs scale of hardness, a diamond ranks ten while a ruby ranks a nine.

      Where To Sell Rubies In Singapore

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