How to Sell Sapphire in Singapore

Sapphires are one of the most sought after and valuable gemstones. Without knowledge on how to sell gemstones, entering the market to sell sapphire can be a daunting task. 

Knowing your loose sapphire stone or jewelry like a blue sapphire ring can earn you much more money. In one good read you can understand sapphire market value, where to sell sapphire and ways to negotiate the best price for your sapphire jewelry.

Sell Sapphire in Singapore


One of the most valuable gemstones, sapphire belongs to the corundum class of minerals. The striking blue color uniquely identifies sapphire but they exist in many hues, with the rarest being pink and an orange mix, they range from purple to green. If you’re wondering how much are blue sapphires worth? It all depends on its actual value.

What Is the Value of Your Sapphire?

Sapphires fetch a good price in the Asian market. It is essential to know sapphire’s market value to easily sell sapphire in Singapore.

Sapphires are among the hardest substances like diamonds. Sapphires are graded using standards much like diamonds. Sapphires are judged on their cut, clarity, color and carat—the 4Cs. 

  • Color

Interpreting color depends on the gemologist and the color is subject to factors like hue, saturation and tone. Hue is the primary dominant color in sapphire. Whereas, the tone is the gem’s transparency to light showing it as a dark or light gemstone. Since sapphire is made of a combination of colors, saturation describes the purity of the color

  • Clarity

Sapphires and gemstones like ruby and emeralds have inclusions and abrasions. These imperfections are etched onto the stone surface and sapphire jewelry like blue sapphire rings can fetch a high price if it has minimal cuts and scratches. It is extremely rare to find a sapphire with no inclusions in Singapore. A sapphire with no inclusions under a microscope is most likely lab created and not as valuable. 

  • Cut

Cut refers to the shape of the gemstone. Diamonds have a standardized cut. However, with gemstones there is no ideal cut and each loose stone relies on the gem cutter’s skill. 

A well-cut stone will have proportionate dimensions and symmetry. It should also reflect at the correct angles broadening the brilliance of the stone. It should be free of undesired cuts.

  • Carat

Carat weight remarkably affects the value of a sapphire. Larger gemstones are difficult to find and extract than smaller ones. The price per carat varies from one color to the other. Large padparadscha sapphires are rare and can be auctioned at high prices while yellow sapphires above 5 carats are easily available and in less demand.

A single carat sapphire appears much smaller than a single carat diamond due to its density. If you’re unsure about your blue sapphire ring’s size it is always recommended you get an appraisal before you sell your jewelry


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    Diamond or Sapphire

    Sell Sapphire in Singapore

    Sapphires come in all hues and colors. White sapphires can be confused with diamonds. At the same time, other colors of sapphire are similar to gemstones like emeralds and rubies. Sapphire price varies a great deal more than diamond and differs in demand and value.

    Diamonds mostly come in white or colorless with rare pinks and blues. Diamonds are the hardest material on earth while sapphire being extremely durable are not as hard. Another difference between diamonds and sapphire is that most sapphires have inclusions and abrasions and to remove them they undergo heat treatment. This is not the case with diamonds as only a handful are heat treated. Emeralds are often found to have gas trapped and cut and therefore almost all undergo such treatment to improve its quality.


    Here is a quick look at the values of these gemstones. 




    Hardness (10)





    hues- pink to orange






    Red variants
    purple red to brown red



    $5000 -15000/ca



    Yellowish green to bluish green



    $7500 – 15000/ca



    pink to blue (rare)


    Rare inclusions

    $6000/ca to $25000/ca

    Where To Sell My Sapphire

    If you own sapphire jewelry in Singapore and you have made up your mind to likely find the right buyer, you must be pondering where to sell gemstones in Singapore? The most common mistake is to go directly to a buyer. The first thing in selling your sapphire ring or necklace is to get an appraisal. There are many trusted jewelers who do it and some experts offer free consultation for your jewelry and gemstones like rubies, emeralds and diamonds.

    What Sapphire Jewelry are likely to sell?

    Sapphires are most commonly seen in rings and necklaces. These pieces of royalty are also found in earrings. Although it is difficult to come across loose stones, Jewelry with sapphire and diamond is often found as they both complement the other. If you are leaning towards selling your blue sapphire rings and necklace in Singapore, it is better to research online stores that buy such valued jewelry as Sell Your Jewelry.

    Sapphire Selling Guidelines

    Here is a quick read through on our tips for selling your gemstone and where to sell sapphires.

    It is always better to go to a trusted jeweler for appraisal and to sell sapphire. Many jewelers simply undermine the value of the gemstone to make more profit off of you.

    Do not RUSH! If you cannot negotiate a good deal and the offer is not worth the price, SKIP IT.

    Beware of con artists who take your jewelry to the back of the store to “test it”. Always look for an open counter and test facility in front of you.

    The steps and techniques of selling ruby and emeralds are similar to sapphire. Ruby and sapphire belong to the same corundum mineral, so to sell rubies you need to judge it on the 4Cs and to sell emeralds you need more in depth understanding.


    Fill the form below and our experts will contact you to schedual a meeting:

      You can also contact us through WhatsApp or Email and send us images of your item. And you’re always welcome to call.

      Get a quote and evaluation from an expert gemologist and a certified member of the Diamond Exchange of Singapore. 

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