What can you do with your unused jewelry that lies at home?

We believe that luxury jewellery is an asset we must cherish for a lifetime throughout our lives. After all, diamonds are forever, right?

Over the years, however, we may find that what started as an exciting gift of great sentimental value is often forgotten in the jewellery box or a small drawer.

Not only do we not wear it anymore, but we also hardly give it much thought.

diamond gold jewelry

We often do not dwell on the fact that a considerable amount of money lies there and collects dust in our house. With each passing day, we lose a significant potential profit that we could have already enjoyed. So, is it profitable to sell diamond jewellery and what is the most effective way to do so? This quick guide will answer these questions and many more.

Leverage the rise in prices in the gold and diamond market

Did you know that gold prices have risen by over 500% in the last 20 years? The diamond market has demonstrated similar trends for years as the demand for diamond jewellery is ever-growing. This means that if you choose to sell diamond and gold jewellery, it is highly likely that they are worth a lot more today than when you bought them or when they were bought for you.

Pawn Shop Jewelry

Want to sell diamond jewelry? This is what you need to know

An obvious question arises – what will be the simplest, safest, and most profitable way to make such a deal? Your first step should be to contact an independent professional that specializes in jewelry appraisal. An accurate assessment will allow you to enter the transaction with your eyes open.

Many diamond dealers and gold buyers in Singapore often do not have the required knowledge and savvy to find the perfect dealer.


Let’s review some of the standard options available today to sell your jewelry properly:


Many pawnshops in Singapore will offer you to sell diamond jewelry in a swift and easy process. However, in most cases, such dealers will offer quite low prices.

Online platforms

Countless websites and apps are offering owners to sell diamonds and gold online. Unfortunately, more than once, such initiatives are attempted fraud. Even at reliable sites, we will probably get prices that are not much higher than pawnshops.

Selling back to the store

For most of us, this may be the most intuitive option. At first, it may seem accessible and hassle-free. However, most jewellery stores will not rush to buy the jewelry back from you. Those who will agree to this, will want to optimize their profit margin as much as possible, and offer very low prices. Therefore, in most cases, this will be the least profitable deal.

Get the most out of your old jewelry with Sell Your Jewelry

To get the most out of your old jewellery, Sell Your Jewelry by Dianoche, now offers the ideal solution. As jewellery manufacturers ourselves, your raw materials are of great value to us.

Therefore, we guarantee the most affordable price in any transaction to sell jewellery among all the diamonds or gold buyers in Singapore.

Only with us can you get an estimated value for your jewellery from an expert gemologist with many years of experience, at no cost and without any obligation to sell. In every evaluation meeting, we place professional integrity and complete transparency at the top of our priorities and do everything in our power to have at your disposal all the knowledge required to execute an informed transaction.

Contact us now and get the most out of your jewellery!

Looking to sell your jewelry at the best price?


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