Where To Sell Gold Jewelry In Singapore

Gold is a very beautiful and expensive kind of natural resource.  This piece of nature’s wonder is used to make jewelry, furniture, utensils, and many others.

Its beauty has placed it in a high rank amongst many other resources of its kind. This is what makes it a very expensive market price coupled with the fact that it is rare. However, sometimes, our gold pieces of jewelry begin to turn old, or you just feel like it’s time to let them go.

Selling gold jewelry isn’t as difficult as it seems, especially if you want to sell gold in Singapore. This article has you covered on where to sell gold in Singapore. So sit back and read on.

Sell Gold

Where To Sell Gold Jewellery

Seeing that gold is a valuable property, it should go only at the best rate. This means that if you are selling out your gold, you should, in return, get a good price. You can even earn just a little below the amount you bought the jewelry.

If you live in Singapore and want to sell your gold for cash, you must have a chain of options.

Fortunately, Singapore, being a very busy business-oriented country, has a lot of merchants.

Here, your gold can be sold out by many means. Some of these means of selling your gold out include:


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    • Online merchants: 

    This is one means to sell gold jewelry in Singapore. Online merchants are people who fix or schedule for you to sell your gold to them through the internet. Sometimes, you agree on a price, and they send a representative to pick it up and pay.

    Other times, you are asked to book a session online and then come over for business. Despite it being tagged as an online purchase, the buying and selling usually ng happens in person.

    • Barter traders: 

    A barter trader is someone who buys something from you without money. This means that in place of cash, an item of equal value is given to you. If you need where to sell gold jewelry in Singapore, then this isn’t such a bad idea. There are several people who trade their gold jewelry for items like furniture or an equal value accessory.

    Unfortunately, this kind of trading isn’t very common but also has a lot of perks to it.

    Notwithstanding, if you need where to sell gold in Singapore, then you can try a Bater trader.

    • Jewelry pawnshops: 

    Jewelry pawn shops are small stores where jewelers trade jewelry. In such shops, jewelry can be bought and sold too. Although they are mostly small, it is possible to get a fair price for your jewelry. 

    With such business places around, you don’t have to worry about where to sell gold jewelry. Jewelry pawn shops are very easy to locate, especially in busy cities like Singapore. Nevertheless, you have to be careful about which pawn shop you enter and how you let your jewelry get handled.

    • Industries:

    Some industries these days allow person-to-person trades. This means that they now agree to meet with individuals to buy goods from them. The case isn’t different with Gold.

    If you require where to sell gold in Singapore, then this might be a perfect idea. If you look around properly and make the right inquiries, you will be sure to get an industry interested in your gold.

    Do take note that most industries only purchase directly from individuals that have the bulk to give. Also, from people who have a clean record with the society.

    gold price
    • Auctions: 

    In your search on where to sell gold in Singapore, do not forget to include auctions. Putting up your gold jewelry for auction can fetch you much more money than you expected. These auctions could be a small one you set up yourself or a public auction. 

    However, do remember that for anything to be on auction, it’ll need proof of purchase. What this means is if you need to have complete proof of payment for your jewelry. If not, then an auction sale is most likely out of it.

    Where To Sell Gold For The Highest Price In Singapore

    We have been going on and on about selling your gold and where to sell gold in Singapore.  Of all those, as mentioned earlier, one option will always tend to sit best. Anyone letting out their gold jewelry most definitely wants to get a good amount off it.  

    Singapore being a very business orientated place, you might have little problems selling gold.  Some of such issues include:

    • Reliability.
    • Business security.

    And a list of them. 

    Sell Gold for Cash

    Where to sell gold in Singapore isn’t really an issue. But where can you get the best deal from it? Where is the best place to sell gold in Singapore

    If you are in search of where to get the highest deal off your gold in Singapore, then contact us to sell your jewelry. 

    At sell your jewelry, we buy your gold from you at the best price you can get. Not just that, we also offer you a free consultation with an expert gemologist. This will help you understand the value of your gold better and just how much it is worth. 

    If you sell your gold to us, you benefit from trading in a comfortable and reliable environment. Note that every transaction carried out is safe and legal.

    Payments are made immediately after reaching an agreement on the price. The payments are sent to you immediately in your preferred transfer option. 


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