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Radiant Cut Vs Princess Cut : Which You Should Choose?

While discussing radiant cut vs princess cut, both of them are trendy for engagement rings. More similar than some cuts, these two diamond cuts both show an incredible square shape. One of the main variations between these two cuts is the corner. A princess-cut diamond has rough corners that are sharp, whereas the radiant cut has very carefully cut corners. The diamond shape is also one of the main differences between radiant cut vs princess cut; a princess cut is squarer, and a radiant cut is rectangular.

These subtle differences have a notable impact on the popularity of the stones. The princess cut is trendy, while the radiant cut is much less in demand. The radiant cut can reflect more light due to the combination of its facets. Therefore, it glows brighter than the princess cut. For women with busy lifestyles, the radiant cut is more fitting. Because it does not contain any acute corners which are likely to become snagged.

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