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    Sell Diamond Earrings

    Diamond artifacts go a long way back into time, primarily because of how much diamonds tend to retain their values even as time passes on. One very common diamond artifact around is the diamond earrings. They are as beautiful as they come. If you ever contemplate to sell diamond earrings you no longer need, then it’s a brilliant idea. Diamond earrings, although being minor artifacts, can fetch a bit of emergency income. 

    An average market price of a diamond earring ranges from around 750 SGD per 0.5 carats. Other times in average pawn shops, they can sell for 350 SGD per 0.25 carat.

    So if you wish to sell diamond earrings, especially in Singapore, this is the article for you.

    How Much Do Diamond Earrings Sell For

     If you wish to sell diamond earrings in Singapore, then your first concern must be how much they sell for. 

    Diamonds are one of the oldest of the four gemstones and the rarest. Also, diamond jewelry does not depreciate. Instead, over time, the value is stagnant or increases. 

    In this light, the price to sell diamond jewelry should be worth the value of the stone.  For the average diamond buyer in Singapore, the prices are not so bad.  To sell diamond earrings can begin at 750 SGD for 0.5 carats and around 350 SGD for 0.25 carats. Bigger diamond earrings will cost higher because they carry bigger diamonds.

    Do Diamond Earrings Hold Their Value?

    Any diamond earring that is made of real diamonds tends to retain its value till whenever. This is because diamonds are a special kind of natural resource and, as such, stay in their natural states for decades. 

    If you notice that a diamond earring is not retaining its value, then be sure that it has been altered. 

    For market purposes, most gem cutters mix diamonds with other alloys. It is in this case that fading and rusting are noticed in diamonds. 

    All being said, one diamond earring can be passed on from generation to generation as a family artifact. This is not new as it was practiced amongst royal families in old times. 

    When you sell diamond earrings, it is possible to sell them off for the same price you got them. The same applies when you sell a diamond necklace, or you go to sell a diamond bracelet.

    How Much Do Pawn Shops Pay For Diamond Earrings?

    As known generally, how good you fetch for sale depends on where you sell. Since pawn shops are easier to locate and come across, it isn’t advisable to sell diamond earrings there

    Pawnshops are mostly filled with nonprofessionals who just want money off the business. Most of the time, the pawners cannot afford the right amount for the value of your diamond. 

    If you decide To sell diamond earrings at pawn shops, you won’t enjoy the full benefits of that sale. 

    At a regular pawnshop, a 0.5-carat diamond earring can be bought for around 650 SGD. In comparison, the 0.25 carats can be purchased by pawners for about 200 SGD.

    You might begin to wonder, “where can I sell diamond earrings if not pawn shops?”. But, if you live in Singapore and need somewhere to sell your diamond jewelry, then worry no more.

    Sell your jewelry is the best place to sell diamond earrings in Singapore. At Sell your jewelry, we not only pay you for earrings, but you can also sell your diamond rings to us. 


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      • A few benefits of selling your diamond  jewelry to us at sell your jewelry include:

        Free Diamond earrings evaluation: this means that your diamond earrings get evaluated by an expert gemologist for free. This process is to help enlighten you on the value or worth of the diamond you are about to sell. Of course, you must have the exact idea of the price worth of your item. This is specifically to avoid back and forth arguments.


      • Business transparency: another characteristic we are well known for is our transparency in transactions. When you sell diamonds to us, there is no movement in circles. Everything is straightforward, and you don’t have to worry about being cheated.
      • Immediate payment: payments at sell your jewelry are being made immediately after a price is agreed on. After your diamond evaluation and deciding on a price, you are paid through your preferred transfer platform. Of course, anyone wants to be paid fast after they sell diamond earrings
      • You don’t need a certificate to sell diamond earrings: unlike what is said and believed by many, you don’t need a certificate to sell your diamonds to us. You simply want to gain money from jewelry, and no certification is required to do that. 

      Having known that business is this easy with us at sell your jewelry, you should hurry along now. 

      Remember what  you earn from letting off those diamond jewelry you’re no longer in use of can be used to:

      • Augment for the rent.
      • Pay grocery bills.
      • Change the home or office furniture.
      • Pay for a change of wardrobe.

      And many other more important stuff you need for.

      Free Diamond Earrings Appraisal

      Diamond appraisals refer to the documentation of the sole characteristics a diamond poses. This means that the significant features that make a diamond a diamond.

      They include:

      • Clarity.
      • Cut.
      • Shape.
      • Weight.
      • Carat.

      Diamond appraisals also comprise of diamond measurements like:

      • Purity.
      • Weight.
      • Styling of the ring(for when the diamond is a set).

      The free Diamond appraisal provided by sell your jewelry is a giveaway opportunity. Knowing all this information about your diamond will give you better price knowledge when selling.



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