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How To Sell Diamond Necklace Easily For The Best Price?



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    If you are looking to sell your diamond necklace, some questions are about to rise: what is the worth of my diamond necklace? What is the way to sell the diamond necklaces safely and for the best price? Which place to sell the diamond necklace whether it is an online auction, a pawnbroker or the specialized diamond buyer?

    Selling diamond necklaces in some easy steps:

    1. Collect the information on the diamond necklace
    2. Research about the options
    3. Get a quote
    4. A final deal
    5. payment

    1. Collect the information on the diamond necklace

    Gather the information regarding the diamond necklace together. It might include any documents or grading certificates from the jewelry stores where you purchased the diamond necklace. It is better to keep these documents in good condition.

    Suppose if you do not gather information on your necklace:

    It might be possible that you do not gather any information about the diamond necklace. For instance, if it is lost or if your diamond necklace is gifted to you. In such cases, it is best to consult a professional for a free appraisal. Some appraisals might have to be paid for. However, some estimates are free of charge. You will also need to know the weight, color, and clarity of the diamonds.

    2. Research Options as to where to sell a diamond necklace


    Pawning your diamond necklace is an instant way to receive cash. However, you have to pay the interest if you wish to get your items back.

    Local Store:

    Selling the diamond necklace to a local jewelry store is a quick and easy process. But the store will cut a large part of the value when they are thinking of a profit.


    You also have the option of selling your diamond necklace on some of the auction sites. It can be quite risky to sell a high-value diamond necklace on auction sites as you might not receive the best price for your diamond necklace and it can even take weeks, sometimes months, or even many years. Auctions are great for selling diamond necklaces to specialized buyers. However, the process could be lengthy, and the auction house will take a certain percentage for sale.


    Diamond Buyers:

    To get the best-selling experience and to receive the best offer for your diamond necklace, the jewelry buyer experts at are on hand to value your diamond necklace. Our diamond experts and professionals are trained professionals, so you need not worry and feel that you are in safe hands and will also receive an accurate and fair price. We have the highest industry standard for diamond grading. The entire selling process will take little time. We have a good BBB rating, and you can check our customer reviews, which ensures that you are dealing with a secure selling process with a reputable buyer.

    3. How to Get a Quote

    You can fill out our online form today to receive your quote. There is nothing to hide in a matter of fees and the offer amount you get. You can sell diamond necklaces, other jewelry, etc. to our team of experts.

    4. Get a Final offer

    We have locations in Singapore. We give you a final price.

    5. How much is my necklace worth?

    It is important to note that the value given by a professional appraiser need not be the same as the amount that you will obtain for the diamond necklace if you choose to sell. This value sometimes is not reflective of the worth of your best diamond necklace.

    It is because higher insurance values have high premiums. To get an accurate estimation based on the market and receive a price offer for your diamond necklace, visit either in person or call.


    Sell Diamonds Necklace

    6. Selling Diamond Necklace:

    There are many other solutions than sell your when it comes to selling a diamond necklace, but is the best out there. 


    All of the trouble that you would face while selling your diamond necklace is removed when you use the service. From the moment you fill the form on our website, starts working for you. By providing a fair market price, covers every step until your payment.

    Power in Numbers

    The central part of selling your jewelry is the auction platform that allows buyers from all over the world to bid on your diamond necklace. There are many educated buyers with enough funds to purchase jewelry like diamond necklaces at a fair price.


    When your diamond necklace is added to our platform, you can see every step. At the end of the period, you will be offered the best price to sell your necklace. If the price does not meet your criteria, you can decline the offer.


    Everything here is 100% safe and secure. Your personal information will not be put at risk. Each payment is encrypted so that unauthorized third parties cannot access it and antivirus protects the site. Sellyourjewelry wants to make it easy, convenient, and safe for you to sell your diamond necklace. You will receive an accurate price, professional diamond grading, and all the prices you receive will be legitimate offers.

    Multi-Stone Necklaces

    A pendant necklace usually has one centre stone or a diamond drop, whereas a multi-stone chain will have several diamonds in the necklace.

    When selling a necklace, the value of the necklace will depend on the diamonds and the precious metal. When selling a diamond necklace, the cost will also depend on the total carat weight and count of diamonds in the necklace.

    It might differ if the diamond necklace is a particularly wanted design or from a brand. The value also depends on whether the diamond necklace is an antique or unique design. Working with diamond and jewelry professionals will help decide the actual amount of your diamond necklace.


     We are here to give you a facility for selling diamond jewelry. The above points are some of the advantages of selling your diamond necklace with and giving you top tips for selling diamond necklace and other jewelry. You can be worry-free. Of course, there is no further compulsion that you have to sell it to us alone, but we do have the best offers. Try us once, and you will not be disappointed.



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