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Ultimate Guide for Selling Fancy Colored Diamonds

One of the first things to know about diamonds is that they are available in a wide range of colors. There are so many variations in shades that The Gemological Institute of America has sorted and classified them to obtain a comprehensive color chart. However, this scale traces diamonds from colorless to yellowish-brown. Colored-diamonds that do not fall within this range are known as “Fancy Color Diamonds”.

 If you have a colored diamond that you wish to sell, you need to keep in mind that the GIA color scale from A to Z is only for white diamonds and their different hues. Fancy colored diamonds are so heavily tinted that they cannot be grouped with the regular shaded white diamonds. As a result, diamond prices vary from those of white diamonds.

This article is here to guide you on how to sell your fancy colored diamonds and not be ripped off.

What are fancy color diamonds?

Naturally colored fancy diamonds are extremely rare and thus have a high resale value. They are available in several brilliant colors like pink, purple, orange, yellow, brown, green, blue, and black. Each of these colors is unique because no two fancy diamonds are the same.

However, to get the best price for your colored diamond, you must get it evaluated. Naturally fancy colored diamonds are rare and expensive. This is why artificially treated diamonds have flooded the market. They are cheaper, so if your fancy diamond is artificially colored you may not get a very high price for it.

Things to remember: 

  • Is your colored diamond natural or artificial? 


Naturally colored diamonds fetch you a hefty sum. They owe their hue to internal blemishes, inclusions, and impurities that give them a unique color. Artificially treated fancy colored diamonds resemble gemstones more than diamonds. As a result, the difference becomes apparent and you will receive a price according to its value. Forever Brilliant: The Aurora Collection of Colored Diamonds is an extensive source of information about naturally fancy colored diamonds, listing as many as 260 diamonds.

  • How are fancy colored diamonds graded?

3 axes are considered while grading fancy colored diamonds – hue, tone, and saturation. The hue refers to the actual color of the stone-like red, blue, green, or anything in between; tone signifies the relative lightness or darkness of the color on a scale of 0 to 100; while color saturation describes its intensity.

The universally accepted grading system for fancy diamonds is based on their color strengths. Thus, they are classified among the following:

  • Faint 
  • Fancy Light 
  • Fancy
  • Dark 
  • Deep
  • Intense
  • Vivid

Colored diamonds do not follow the four C’s (clarity, cut, color, and carat). In the case of fancy color diamonds, the primary factor is color. Inclusions and inner flaws of the diamond that affect its clarity are often overlooked. Even the cut is designed to enhance the color of the diamond rather than reflect light. So, you will find asymmetrical cuts and large tables that showcase the color rather than the radiance of the diamonds.

  • Colored diamond prices:

 The price of fancy colored diamonds differs greatly from white diamonds. As mentioned earlier, the regular standards of cut, clarity, and carat weight are not applicable. So, it becomes very difficult for a newcomer to ascertain the appropriate value of a colored diamond and set its price. Each stone is explicitly unique due to which only professional evaluation of its actual color, modifying color, size and authenticity can determine the price of colored diamonds.

  • Diamond rarity: 

The meaning of “rarity” is different for white diamonds and fancy colored diamonds. Colorless white diamonds are said to be rare, thus increasing their resale value. On the other hand, the rarity in the case of fancy colored diamonds has nothing to do with those standards. Here, some colors are considered rarer than others due to which certain diamonds fetch a much higher price than most.


Which colored diamond is the rarest?

colored diamonds

  • Red diamonds


Red diamonds are extremely rare, and thus, command the highest price. The rich color and tone of naturally found fancy red diamonds make it the most appealing and attractive.

  • Blue diamonds 


Blue diamonds are among the rarest diamonds in the world. Its rich color is given by the boron present inside it. Thus, the higher the concentration of boron, the bluer is its shade.

  • Green diamonds

Green diamonds also known as Dresden Green diamonds get their color from exposure to radiation while they are still unmined. Their natural shade is unique, contributing to its rarity.

  • Yellow diamonds 


Yellow diamonds are extremely common, second only to brown diamonds. Found in a variety of hues and intense saturation, their brilliant color gives them great appeal.

  • Brown diamonds


Brown diamonds (also called Champagne diamonds) are the most common. Their color is attributed to the presence of nitrogen, which gives it a rich and elegant appearance.


Where can I sell natural fancy colored diamonds?”

At Sell Your Jewelry by Dianoche, we provide the best experience for those who wish to sell their fancy diamonds without the fear of getting ripped off. Our team of expert gemologists offers your stone’s professional evaluation to arrive at the best price you can receive for it. In the diamond industry, our years of experience have made us a global name. Book a free consultation and get an expert evaluation for your fancy colored diamonds.


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