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Reasons Why GIA Diamond Certifications Is Necessary

One of the initial things to know regarding diamonds is that no two diamonds can ever be alike. As a result, it is often a strenuous task to grade or determines a diamond’s value accurately. Here, diamond certification comes in handy.

Whether you are purchasing or selling diamonds, you must have come across labs that issue diamond certification. However, more often than not, these labs do not have the highest testing standards, and therefore, their diamond certifications do not hold much weight.

What is a diamond certification?

Diamond certification refers to a detailed analysis of your diamond to ascertain its quality and worth. It means that certified diamonds are examined and graded to get the certificate. To maintain uniformity of gradation, the 4Cs have followed: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight of the diamond. While purchasing a diamond, it has always recommended to go for diamonds with authentic certification since you will get your money’s worth. Certified diamonds also have a high resale value.

Why should you go for diamond certification?

Having a certified diamond holds great significance, especially in today’s time.

  • A diamond certification proves without a doubt that your stone has been tested under the highest of standards. Through the process of diamond grading, the quality and worth of your diamond has been professionally ascertained.
  • A certification proves that your diamond has not been artificially manufactured and is 100% natural.
  • Having a certification comes in handy if you ever wish to sell your stone. Certified diamonds hold a high resale value and give the buyers and sellers an equal footing.
  • Not having a diamond certification makes it difficult to resell, loan against, or even replace in case of loss or theft. 
  • When you go for selling diamond jewelry, having a certification not only reveals its quality but also safeguards your investment.

What diamond certification is the best, and who should you turn to?

Today the market is flooded with diamond certification companies and laboratories. But it would help if you kept in mind that most of the smaller labs are usually in a partnership with jewelers. Since there are no official laws that govern gemological grading, fraudulent labs can easily take advantage of the situation. To avoid being ripped off, we recommend getting a certification from the Gemological Institute of America, or GIA.

GIA diamonds issue detailed written reports of the diamond. A unique number has or code has allotted to each certificate. One copy of the certificate with this unusual code is retained in the laboratory to ensure diamond grading authenticity. Several certified diamonds have a microscopic laser inscription of the certificate number on the girdle of the stone. It gives the diamond a unique identification and comes in handy if the stone is somehow lost or stolen.

The lab’s certificate will give you a full report of the diamond – its exact weight, cut type, color, clarity, and diamond quality. Since GIA’s diamond certificate is unbiased and professional, it saves you from being cheated by anyone. Remember, written, or verbal reports from jewelers are not equivalent to authentic diamond certifications from laboratories.


Other Labs that offer certification:

Apart from GIA, the other prominent and trustworthy avenues to get a diamond certification are as follows:


IGI diamond certification is issued based on an accurate assessment of a diamond’s cut, color, clarity, and carat weight according to strict international standards.


Following similarly strict guidelines, the AGS issues trustworthy certifications valued by both diamond buyers and sellers. 


GCAL issues consistent and professional certifications that rely on their years of expertise and experience.

How does GIA give the best diamond certification?

GIA follows strict rules and guidelines for diamond grading. It makes them a highly well-known and trustworthy diamond grading laboratory. Their rigid grading scales and high standards have made them the first stop for getting a certification.

GIA diamonds are certified based on the following parameters

  1. Color

2. Diamond table percentage

3. Clarity

4. Cut

5. Carat weight

6. Polish grade

7. Inclusions and blemishes

8. Symmetry

9. Security features

10. Laser inscription of certification code

Keeping in mind, all GIA characteristics issued diamond certifications prove that having a certified diamond will give a substantial edge over everyone else. The most significant thing to keep in mind that GIA is a credible source. Unbiased and professional, GIA has not affiliated with any private jewelry store or business. They are an independent diamond grading laboratory ensuring that every GIA certified diamond on any jewelry piece is authentic and trustworthy. So the next time you are purchasing any piece of diamond jewelry, it will never hurt to get a GIA issued certification. Safeguard your investment in diamonds with professional grading and diamond certification from the most reputed laboratory – GIA.



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