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6 Ways How You Can Check A Fake Diamond Bracelet


Do you have a diamond bracelet you received as a gift or as an inheritance? Have you ever wondered if the stones in the bracelet are authentic or not? It is important to check if yours is a fake diamond bracelet because its authenticity affects its resale value if you ever want to sell it.

We have compiled a list of popular tips and tricks that can help you check the authenticity of your diamond bracelet.

Take A Breath Test

Perhaps the most common technique of checking fake diamonds is to take the breath test.  Simply breathe on the diamonds and observe carefully. Your diamond must have fogged up but what is important is how long it remains in this state. 

Real diamonds tend to clear up almost immediately. On the other hand, the stones on a fake diamond bracelet will remain fogged up for a longer duration and appear dull.  

Note that while the breath test is extremely common and straightforward, it is not a foolproof method. The moisture on some fake diamonds may also clear up quickly, giving the impression of a genuine diamond bracelet. 

Real Diamonds Should Not Have Scratches

A natural diamond can sometimes chip, especially in the corners or edges. But diamonds are incredibly durable, which is why they should not have scratches on the surface. Using this information, we can check for fake diamond bracelets.  Check the stones on your bracelet. Does it have scratches? If yes, then it is most likely a fake diamond bracelet.

Keep in mind that the market is flooded with fake or synthetic diamonds that resemble the original. Some of these stimulants are made of glass, cubic zirconia, which are softer and more prone to scratches. 

But this scratch test won’t work on new bracelets because the new fake diamonds will be in top condition, without any scratches.  So, what can you do to check a fake diamond bracelet? 

You can purchase a diamond tester and use it to detect fake diamonds. In case you want to sell diamond bracelet, click here to book a free appointment. 

Using Water to Check the Diamonds

Naturally occurring diamonds have a high density. As a result, they sink to the bottom when immersed in water.  You can check the diamonds in your bracelet using this information. 

Simply fill up a glass with regular tap water and drop the diamonds into it. If the stone comes up and either floats to the top or even to the glass’s mid-level, then it is a fake diamond bracelet

Check your diamond bracelet with a Black Light

To check the authenticity of stones in your bracelet, get hold of a black light. Next, turn off the lights and hold the stone in front of this black light. Genuine diamonds exhibit fluorescence, mainly blue color. So, if your diamond is real, it should produce a bluish tint under black light. 

 If your diamonds show a yellow, green, or any other fluorescence, it is most likely fake. 

But this does not mean that all naturally occurring diamonds exhibit a blue fluorescence. Sometimes natural diamonds have different fluorescent shades. 

Using a Magnifying Glass

If you want to check whether your diamonds are real or fake, you can use a magnifying glass. Examine the diamond through the magnifying glass and look for visible flaws, imperfections, and inclusions inside the stone. Suppose the stone is absolutely flawless, then it is most likely a fake. 

The reason is that natural diamonds have a little to a lot of imperfections within the stone. These are known as diamond inclusions, and they affect diamond pricing. 

Any diamond with no internal blemishes is either a top-grade diamond and extremely expensive or an artificially created stone.

Diamond Testers

These days, several people prefer purchasing a diamond tester to check their fake diamond bracelet. Since these are readily available in the market, you can try them out too.

They are devices that use heat and electrical impulses to check a diamond’s authenticity. 

You could even approach a jewelry store and ask them to check your diamond bracelet. Most of them use such diamond testers and do it for a nominal sum. 

Since diamond testers use either heat or electrical impulses, sometimes the results may vary. Heat can sometimes mistake moissanite for a diamond due to their similar heat conduction properties. This is why testing a diamond through electrical impulses is more accurate. 

Unreliable Methods to Detect Fake Diamonds

We have discussed some methods that are reliable when it comes to checking whether or not it is a fake diamond bracelet. Now let’s look at some common but incorrect ways of testing a diamond’s authenticity

  • Scratching a glass

Some people believe that only diamonds can scratch glass. But this is not true. In fact, any hard gemstone can scratch glass surfaces. 

  • Looking through a diamond

Again, this is a common misconception when it comes to checking if a diamond is real or not. 

According to this method, if you look through one side of a diamond and something placed on the other side is clearly visible, then it is a fake stone. This is because diamonds are known to distort light, so you should not see anything clearly through the stone. 

But this method is inconclusive because some real diamonds with shallow cuts allow some light to pass through, and you can make out the objects or text placed on the other side of it. 

Where to sell diamond bracelets?

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