How To Sell Diamond Bracelets For The Best Price

Do you possess a diamond bracelet that you don’t like or wear?

A diamond bracelet that you know is priceless, but you don’t like — or maybe was a former relationship diamond bracelet gift or something that has terrible memories? Or perhaps you need financial aid, so you want to sell it?

Whatever your reason is, there are many options for selling your gold jewelry, diamond jewelry or designer jewelry that will get you the highest price in the market. It is also easy and safe.

Moreover, if you are not a jeweler or diamond professional, it is hard to know whether you are getting accurate information. So this article will help you make a wise decision.

The questions we are going to answer are: 

  • Before selling your diamond bracelets, what you need to know?
  • How much is the diamond bracelet worth?
  • How to get a diamond bracelet appraised?
  • Where do you need to sell the bracelet? How to know that the price is fair enough?

Before selling your diamond bracelets, what you need to know?

The jewelry industry sometimes has a bad reputation, and you may be apprehensive of getting cheated. But, there are some many ways to understand the actual value of your diamond bracelets or other pieces of jewelry, and some reputable online companies are there that will help you sell your diamond bracelets for a fair price.

Thanks to the rise of the Internet, it has created more options and transparency. Also, there are many trustworthy diamond jewelry buyers.

For most fine diamond jewelry, Sell Your Jewelry is one of the best choices. It has an excellent BBB rating. It guarantees the highest offer and pays in less time. 

How much is the diamond bracelet worth?

The value will depend on these features:

  • How many diamonds are there on the bracelet.
  • The quality of the diamonds in the bracelet like the clarity, colour of the diamond and carat weight. If the bracelet features one diamond, then the value will be related to the features of that one piece and any other precious metals.
  • The diamond bracelet as a whole has value. For instance, if the bracelet is from a famous brand or if it is an antique or rare piece. Your bracelet might attract more value if it is a unique or rare piece. It also depends on how unique it is and whether this design is highly wanted in today’s diamond market. Diamond bracelets also come in different sizes and shapes, which make it impossible to give a generic value for the diamond bracelets.

How to get a diamond bracelet appraised? 

An appraisal or a diamond lab report, or a certificate from a qualified gemologist helps in evaluating the diamond bracelet’s value. Many local jewelers in your locality will offer an appraisal. It can be a reasonable estimation of the resale value of your diamond bracelet, which will help you get it insured, and also understand more about your bracelet. Jewelers usually offer this for free. You can also check for the Better Business Bureau or recommendations of a trusted jeweler.

But, if you want to know the actual value of what your diamond bracelet is worth, and how much you can get by selling, you will need a certification.

Where do you need to sell the bracelet?


Auction place: You can sell your diamond bracelet on an online auction, but it is not always an excellent method, especially if you want to sell quickly and obtain a fair price. Some may use these methods to buy jewelry and will be known that many people sell without a better understanding of the value of their piece of jewelry. You can even choose to sell at an auction, which is one way to sell to buyers. However, these events do not take place frequently, and you might also have to travel far. Both online auction and auction houses can take much time to sell your bracelet, and there is also no guarantee that it will sell.

Pawn: Pawning is one way to get cash for your diamond jewelry quickly. But, if you want to get back your diamond bracelet, you might have to pay higher interest on the loan.

Jewelry store: Another way is to sell to a jewelry store. It is a comparatively simple process, but the store will take a significant cut of the value for the diamond bracelet and requires a lot of time to sell. 

Specialist buyers: This option is the best as it ensures that you are selling to specialists in the field, who will have a better understanding of the real value of your diamond bracelet. We recommend you to schedule an appointment at one of our locations for a secure and fast experience with no hidden agenda. Our diamond buyers are trained specialists and can offer you the best price. We pride ourselves by providing a professional and satisfactory selling service. Please don’t take our word; you can check our reviews and then decide. Please fill out our form below to receive a fair offer and discuss the steps.

How to know that the price is fair enough?

One of the most significant challenges of selling your delicate diamond bracelet is that you get only one quote, and you have to decide. Of course, you could go around, but that isn’t easy.

So let’s be honest: Some jewelers don’t have a good reputation. And you may feel vulnerable. You worry the diamond buyer will cheat you.

Why you should use our service at Sell Your Jewelry:

  1. We have higher BBB ratings.
  2. We have positive reviews.
  3. One good thing working with us is that each piece of jewelry is individually photographed and analyzed by our professionals.

Whether you have a diamond bracelet or necklace,other fine jewelry or even a diamond engagement ring, Sell Your Jewelry is a right choice.

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