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8 Types of Gold Used for Gold Jewelry You Didn’t Know About

Gold is more or less the first thing that comes to mind when people think of jewelry and precious metals. It has a vast history of use, from coinage and trade to jewelry making and religious purposes. Despite all this, not everyone knows that there are different types of gold. The types of gold depend on color, purity, and various other factors. 

Let us now discuss some types of gold that exist and how exactly they are made. 

Gold, gold, what is your color!

Gold is associated with the color yellow. Any colored gold alloy of pure gold with a different tone is not well recognized. 

Rose Gold: Rose gold is another color in the types of gold color we have in the market. It acquired by mixing copper metal. The amount of copper in Rose gold determines the rose gold color.  

Rose gold with a high concentration of copper gives a reddish look, and it is also called the “Red Gold.” Pink gold is also a sub-variety of rose gold, resulting from less mixture of copper, giving it a somewhat soft color. So, these types of gold are also known as “pink gold.”

Black Gold:There are various methods to obtain this type of gold. One straightforward way is to cover the surface with a black compound, say black rhodium. 

Another method to obtain this type of gold is to treat the surface with a chemical that reacts and turns it black. Oxidation of gold which contains cobalt, iron, or titanium, can also give this type of gold.

Green Gold:Mixing of gold with silver and sometimes cadmium gives this type of gold alloy. Green is not a prominent type of gold but offers a greenish tone to the yellow gold.

Grey Gold:Copper, silver, and manganese are mixed to get the grey type of gold.

Gold is a chemical element. If we were to discuss its chemical analogy, its symbol is Au with the atomic number 79. The ductility and malleability of gold remain unaffected even after exposure to air and water. Gold can be changed to any shape by heating. In its appearance, gold in its natural form is yellow, making it stand out in other metals that are generally gray, silver, or silvery white. The strength of gold is very high, and at the same time, its versatile nature and malleable property make it perfect to be used in jewelry making. 

Yellow Gold

Among all types of gold, yellow is the most prominent color of gold. As a result, yellow and gold are also used interchangeably sometimes. It is worth noting that gold is generally yellow, but it is not precisely how gold looks in its pure form.  Other metals are used as alloys to make them strong because gold in its pure form is very soft and not so, isn’t suitable for jewelry making.

In this connection, gold sold in the jewelry stores are generally of varying degree pure and contain different amounts of impurities. The percentage of gold content determines the karat number of the gold. 

The gold with lower karats, in comparison to higher karats, is durable and more suitable for making jewelry. The less the actual quantity of gold, less its karat number is, but the more its durability will be. 

Gold Karats

types of gold

We measure the quality and purity of gold in terms of karats. Diamonds are also measured in karats, but there are differences between them. Gold is characterized by its purity, which is a ratio divided into 24 parts of its karats. In this connection, pure, or natural, or 100% gold, will have a rating of 24 karats or 24K. As mentioned above, gold with 24 karats, and even to some extent, 22 karats, of purity are not suitable for jewelry making. For jewelry making, the type of gold used is 18K, with 75% of gold, and 14K gold, which has about 58.3% of gold. It may be surprising, but gold as low as 10K. Containing only 41.7% of gold, is also used in making jewelry. Metals like silver, copper, zinc, and nickel are alloyed with gold to make it hard enough.

These metals or impurities give the required strength to gold so that jewelers can use it to construct jewelry. The precise amount of gold present in the alloy determines the color and radiance along with the price of gold. The color is the final result of different metals mixed with pure gold and their quantity used. Pure 24K gold is yellow, but the other types of gold, as discussed above, like purple, green, and pink, amount to these impurities and lower karats. There are different types of gold, like black gold and white gold, in which gold is present, but the pigment results from some other metal being mixed with pure gold. 

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