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DIY Tips To Maintain Your Gold Jewelry

Is your gold jewelry lying around at home gathering dust? Our busy lifestyles and hectic work schedules may not give us enough time to maintain our gold jewelry properly. 

Well-maintained gold jewelry also fetches a high resale value in case you ever plan to sell gold jewelry. This article compiled everything you need to know to keep your gold jewelry looking forever new and make it last a lifetime. 

Cleaning Tips for Regularly Worn Gold Jewelry

 It is very easy to identify gold jewelry that hasn’t been taken care of. Dirt, grime, and sweat can easily build up on jewelry that has worn regularly. Moreover, if you keep neglecting your gold jewelry, it can get so dirty that its entire appearance will be negatively affected.  

The most common home remedy for taking care of gold jewelry is to clean it with warm water and mild liquid soap. It is a simple and effective way to remove the oil and dirt that your gold jewelry may have collected.  Depending on how dirty your gold jewelry is, you might have to soak it in a soapy solution. Just leave it in the water for a couple of hours and scrub gently with a soft brush. Make sure to rinse thoroughly to remove all traces of the soap and lather.

You can either dry your gold jewelry the regular way by blotting it with a soft cloth or you could do something extra. Many people prefer using a polishing cloth to give their valuables an extra shine.  Note that you should never use any rough or coarse cloth or paper towels while drying your gold jewelry. These can cause scratches and marks. 

One mistake many people make is to overdo this cleaning process. Remember to clean any gold jewelry only when you find the need for it. Don’t go cleaning it every month if it hasn’t been worn and isn’t dirty. A common mistake made by most on how to take care of gold jewelry is that they end up buying so many types of products to clean their gold. Whatever you do, stay away from bleach, no matter how mild it is advertised to be, because it will harm your gold jewelry.

Prevention first

If you wear gold jewelry daily, there are certain things you can do for its maintenance. Proper jewelry care is the key to long-lasting and well-maintained pieces. The first step in appropriate jewelry care is to identify things that may harm them.

  • Swimming and Showering: Wearing gold jewelry while showering at home or swimming in a pool, lake, or the ocean is a big No-No! Our bathing products have so many different chemical substances mixed in the composition. While they may be good for your skin, they have not recommended for gold jewelry. 

The chlorine added to swimming pools is downright terrible for gold. It takes away the shine, weakens the metal, and eventually, your gold jewelry will snap. So, we advise taking off your gold jewelry before you step into the shower or a pool.

  • Cooking: Your time with your gold jewelry should also be limited when you are in the kitchen if you are looking into the dos and don’ts of how to take care of gold jewelry. Food particles that stick to the edges and corners of your jewelry are very difficult to remove. Also, it will do your gold jewelry no good to be close to the fire or other heating sources in the kitchen. 
  • Cleaning: Chemicals in soaps and cleaning products can sometimes react with gold. For better jewelry care, remove and keep aside all jewelry that may come in direct contact with harsh cleaning products like acids or abrasives. Aside from the damage through chemicals, you can easily scratch the gold while handling your cleaning chores. Gold is a soft metal, so any bump can easily cause it to lose shape.
  • Personal grooming: Use of beauty products and cosmetics while wearing jewelry may cause the product to build up in layers on your gold. We advise you to put on your gold jewelry after you have finished getting ready. 

Types of Gold Alloys

Up until now, we have simply been referring to “gold jewelry”. But our tips on how to take care of gold jewelry cover not only the most popular yellow gold, but also other common variants. 

Let us list and discuss some of the most common and popular forms of gold found in jewelry. 

  • Yellow gold: This is the traditional form of gold and also the most widely used. It owes its popularity to the fact that it requires the least amount of maintenance. It is also the most hypo-allergenic form of gold, meaning that people are least likely to be allergic to yellow gold. 
  • White gold:  White gold is fast gaining in popularity. The reason is the current trend of white metal-based jewelry. It is also more durable and scratch-resistant than yellow gold because of its alloy composition of gold with nickel or palladium, zinc, and copper. Moreover, white gold is highly affordable and comes at pocket-friendly prices. 
  • Rose gold: Perhaps the trendiest of all gold colors, rose gold is everywhere today. Because of its unique, classy color, it has commanded a great demand in the jewelry business. It is also more durable than both yellow and white gold because of its high copper composition.  

Store your gold jewelry well 


gold jewelry

Do you shove your gold jewelry in drawers and cabinets only to forget about them? Remember, proper storage of jewelry is part of how to take care of gold jewelry

While it may seem tedious, you will realize the benefits of putting away your jewelry after you have worn them. Make a habit out of it, and soon you will not even realize it!

  • Use a fabric-lined jewelry box to keep your gold jewelry. 
  • Make sure to untangle gold chains and bracelets before you store them. 
  • Avoid storing too many jewelry pieces in a single container. 

You can also opt for annual cleaning of your gold jewelry so that a professional can have a look at it. This will help in the detection of any damage and loosening of clamps, prongs, or stones. 

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