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7 Ways How Jewelry Appraisal Determines Diamond Ring Value

Jewelry appraisal refers to the process of estimating and calculating the value of jewelry. Professional appraisers do this in a controlled setting with great precision. Diamond ring appraisal is done in two parts – appraising the metal parts and the diamond appraisal—both the metal and stone need to be appraised separately because their values have different factors.

Appraising the Value of Diamonds in Rings

You must have heard of the 4Cs that affect diamond value – color, clarity, cut and carat weight. These were put forward by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and are now followed by all labs across the globe for uniform grading of diamonds. Any professional appraiser would therefore, have these factors in mind during diamond jewelry appraisal.

To better understand these factors, GIA also established a grading system that would help professionals in the process of diamond jewelry appraisal. There are charts and scales on the basis of which most diamonds are appraised.

Appraising Diamond Color

Diamond color plays a crucial role in jewelry appraisal. Luckily, GIA came up with a color chart that would help professional and uniform assessment of diamond color. This color chart grades diamonds on the basis of how colorless they are. GIA classifies diamond colors on a scale which ranges from “D” to “Z”, where D represents colorless diamonds and Z signifies diamonds that are yellowish or light brown in color.

Understandably, stones with a strong yellow tint are not desirable. So, diamonds falling on the lower end of the color chart are less valuable than those that have a higher color grade.

Appraising Diamond Clarity

According to GIA, diamond clarity refers to a qualitative metric that grades the visual appearance of a diamond. Clarity of diamonds is important during diamond jewelry appraisal.  

Very often, natural diamonds have a host of imperfections and flaws which compromises their clarity. But sometimes, these imperfections are too minimal to be noticed by the untrained eye. Diamonds that are free from internal blemishes are extremely rare. So, diamond jewelry appraisal takes into all these factors to determine the value of your diamonds ring.

Appraising Diamond Cut

The proportions and cutting determine the angle at which light enters the diamond. If the light does not enter at the best angle, it will result in a dark and dull appearance, which in turn will negatively impact the diamond jewelry appraisal. This is why craftsmen take special care to cut and shape the diamond in such a way so as to enhance the light and dark areas. This contrast enhances the sharpness and clarity of the diamond, giving it a crisp and neat look. As a result, well-cut diamonds are priced higher.

Diamond jewelry appraisals take into consideration parts of a diamond like the girdle, table, polish and symmetry of the facets, depth and culet. Moreover, diamonds with unique shapes like round cuts, princess cuts, emerald cuts have differently appraised and therefore have different values.

Diamond Carat Weight and Appraised Value


Due to the extreme precision required in weighing diamonds, the fraction of a carat can make a huge difference in its value. One metric carat is equal to almost 0.2 gram. One carat has been divided into 100 points. Diamonds are weighed to a thousandth of a carat and then rounded up to the nearest hundred (or point).A common confusion among people is regarding the size of a diamond. What costs more – a large diamond or many small diamonds? The answer to this is quite simple.

The larger the diamond, the rarer it is. Due to its rarity, its value is greater. Also, a larger diamond costs more per carat. Thus, size and carat weight play an important role in its jewelry appraisal.

Appraising Diamonds: Loose vs. Mounted Stones

The value of a diamond can vary depending on how the appraiser evaluates it.If the diamond jewelry appraisal has done with the stone still mounted in the setting, the evaluation could be less accurate. It is because certain features of the diamond get hidden if it has still mounted on the ring.

The color and clarity of diamonds get compromised if they have still set on the metal band. For example, the diamond color of the metal could mask the true color of the stone. The appraiser would also not be able to evaluate some small flaws and inclusions. A mounted diamond cannot be weighted. So, the jewelry appraisal would contain an estimated carat weight based on the stone’s dimensions and not its true weight. This would negatively impact the value of the stone, making the jewelry appraisal inaccurate. On the other hand, jewelry appraisal of loose diamonds is far more accurate and authentic.

Appraising the Value of the Ring

The final appraisal value of your diamond ring would list the value of the stone as well as the metal. It is also true for engagement ring appraisals where the purity of the metals like gold and platinum in the ring has been evaluated. Apart from this, some other factors also determine the value of your ring. Of these, the most common include the ring setting, design and condition. The jewelry appraisal also examines whether or not your diamond ring is bent, scratched, dented, or has loose prongs.

If your diamond ring is from listed brands or exclusive designers, its value increases. And this will be reflected in the jewelry appraisal. Unique pieces of fine jewelry that have intricate designs or are handcrafted are also valued higher.

Bottomline of jewelry appraisal

A complete jewelry appraisal for your diamond ring constitutes the evaluations of both, the stones in the ring as well as the metal parts. The final value ascribed to the piece reflects the total worth of the complete piece. These values are based primarily on market rates and prices. Many jewelry appraisers even evaluate the rings based on how much they would cost to buy in the current market situation. Getting a professional jewelry appraisal done for your diamond rings can help you get a clear idea of what your ring is worth. This will help you set realistic expectations when you go on to sell diamond rings.

Bear in mind that the resale value of any piece of jewelry is always comparatively lower than what you initially purchased it for or even the appraised value. But the jewelry appraisal helps you focus on what you stand to get so that you have not tricked into selling your diamond ring for less than what you deserve.

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