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4 Ways To Clean Your Necklace


All of us lead busy and hectic lifestyles. But in the process, we end up neglecting the little things. This is true for all our jewelry. If you’ve realized your mistake and are now wondering how to clean a diamond necklace, then this article is for you.

We often forget to take off our jewelry for days at a stretch and then store them somewhere safe. But did you know that statistically, there is less chance of your necklace getting stolen and more chances of it getting ruined out of neglect?

While we’re sure that the entire process of taking off your necklace, cleaning it, and then putting it back on may seem tedious and unnecessary, we assure you that it’s not. Proper jewelry care is the key to long-lasting and well-maintained pieces.

Today, we will discuss all you need to know on how to clean diamond necklaces and the other varieties of necklaces you may possess.

How to Clean a Gold Necklace?

Cleaning a simple gold necklace or chain is such a simple task that you’ll regret not having done it sooner. If this isn’t a diamond necklace or doesn’t have any stones embedded in it, all you need to do is soak the necklace in a mild soapy solution.

For this purpose, dishwashing soap is a great way to begin. Use a few drops of it in a bowl of lukewarm water and place your necklace in it. Wash the necklace very gently with your fingers by rubbing it all over the jewelry.

How to clean a necklace with intricate engravings? For gold necklaces with grooves or other braids and intricate patterns engraved on them, you can use a brush with soft bristles, preferably those meant for little children. Use the brush to reach the corners and crevices to remove dirt and build-up, but do so gently.

We recommend staying away from products like toothpastes, baking soda, and strong detergents as they are often too harsh. Their abrasive nature makes them highly unsuitable for cleaning fine jewelry such as necklaces.

How to Clean a Silver Necklace?

If you have a silver necklace, you must have noticed it has become almost blackish. This is a common occurrence with the silver available in the market today, and the necklace needs to be cleaned thoroughly to get back the original color and shine.

You can either purchase products like a silver polishing cloth and a good tarnish remover while cleaning a silver necklace.

Or you can use products readily available at home – Hydrogen peroxide and Windex. The chemical formula of hydrogen peroxide is such that it can easily fight any bacteria accumulation on the silver necklace. After this, you can apply Windex, which cleans the grime and oil build-up. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and pat dry.

Another home remedy for polishing silver jewelry and bringing back its shine includes the use of tomato ketchup. All you need to do is cover the necklace in ketchup and leave it for a while. Use a brush with soft bristles to push the ketchup into crevices. Once you’ve gone the ketchup on for a few minutes, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Do not leave the ketchup on for too long because it will end up damaging the necklace.


How to Clean a Pearl Necklace?

how to clean necklace

Cleaning a pearl necklace can be a tricky thing to do and, therefore, must be done with the utmost care. Remember, though the pearls may appear hard and shiny, they are just as delicate. Pearls are prone to scratches and marks if not taken proper care of.

Unlike other necklaces, we do not recommend using detergent or cleaning agents for cleaning pearl necklaces. The chemicals in the formula of such soaps and dishwashing gels may end up spoiling your pearl necklace, and they’ll end up being worse for the wear.

Simply use a soft cloth, preferably microfiber ones, and dip it in lukewarm water. Next, you need to clean your pearl necklace by dabbing at the pearls and rubbing very gently if you need to. Don’t be in a rush, and do not rub the pearls against each other. Take your time and wipe each pearl along the necklace with utmost care.

How to Clean Diamond Necklace

Necklaces that have diamonds and other gemstones have generally been cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaning machine. Here, the sound waves’ vibration helps remove all the dirt that has been built upon the surface of the diamond necklace.

If you do not want to get your diamond necklace cleaned by a professional just yet, you can do the cleaning at home yourself. You can apply a liberal amount of hair removal cream on the diamond necklace for a couple of minutes and then gently remove it off with a damp cloth.

When deciding on how to clean a diamond necklace yourself, there are certain things you must keep in mind. Note that this is also applicable for necklaces that have gemstones and other precious stones:.

  • Wipe the stones gently with a damp cloth.
  • Do not apply too much pressure, or else the diamond can come loose and fall off from its clasp.
  • Do not use any sharp objects to rub, scratch, or poke the stones.
  • Very often, loose hair strands may get caught up in between the stones of the diamond necklace. In this case, do not try to use any sharp object to remove it. Instead, try burning the knots closer to the surface by using a lighter from a distance. This will free up the hair and make it easier to remove.
  • Use a soft, lint-free cloth to avoid clogging up the grooves of the necklace with lint.
  • After cleaning your necklace, check each stone and its clasp to make sure it is still tightly set.

The Bottomline:

Ideally, everyone should be conscious of the essential times when you must take off your diamond necklace as this reduces the chances of heavy dirt build-up. However, everyone must also be aware of how to clean diamond necklaces and other jewelry by themselves. Proper maintenance can give your diamond necklace a clean, sparkling, and shiny appearance, and it will never look old or worn.

You will also save hundreds of bucks that you would have to spend to get it professionally cleaned before wearing it on any special occasion. Moreover, jewelry that has regularly been cleaned is less prone to damage and will fetch you higher prices on the off chance you decide to sell diamond necklaces and other jewelry.


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