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5 Essential Times You Must Take Off Your Jewelry


With busy and hectic lifestyles, we often forget the little things in life. Very often, the jewelry we wear becomes a part of us and we never really take them off or take proper care of them. Taking off a regular piece of jewelry and again remembering to put it back on can seem tedious and unnecessary to most of us. However, we must realise that proper jewelry care is the key to long-lasting and well-maintained pieces.

Which are the essential times to take off your jewelry

Let’s have a look at some common instances and situations where you should definitely remove your jewelry if you love them at all. We will be exploring different jewelry care tips and tricks to make them last longer.  

Swimming or Showering

Wearing any jewelry while showering at home or going swimming in a pool, lake or the ocean is a big No! The first step in proper jewelry care is to identify things that may harm them. Aside from the fact that there is a high chance of losing rings and other jewelry in such situations, there are other factors to keep in mind.

When you go for a shower, you end up using so many products that have different chemical substances mixed. While they may be good for your skin, they are definitely not recommended for your jewelry. The damaging effects of chemicals are easily seen in jewelry, especially diamond engagement rings that are worn almost every day.

Cooking and Cleaning

The reasons for taking off your jewelry while cleaning are the same as those for showering. Chemicals in soaps and cleaning products can severely damage your jewelry. For better jewelry care, remove and keep aside all jewelry that may come in direct contact with harsh cleaning products. Aside from the damage through chemicals, you can easily scratch your jewelry while handling your cleaning chores.

Your time with your jewelry should also be limited when you are in the kitchen. Food particles that stick to edges and corners of your jewelry are very difficult to remove. Also, it will do your rings no good to be close to the fire or other heating sources in the kitchen.


Everyone sweats while working out. It is a common occurrence for sweat to cling to your jewelry and ruin it. The result is dirty and dull jewelry. For good jewelry care, avoid wearing jewelry in gyms and other fitness centres as you have a high chance of scratching or even cracking your jewelry against the heavy equipment while exercising.

We often come across people whose fingers get swollen because the ring’s metal band has bent out of shape due to external force. The solution is to cut out the jewelry as it poses a risk to the finger itself. To avoid this, take excellent jewelry care and know when to remove them.

Personal grooming

The use of beauty products and cosmetics while wearing jewelry may cause products to build up in layers and make your jewelry dull. It makes it vulnerable to damage that may cost you a pretty penny to get it professionally cleaned. But all this can be avoided by the following simple jewelry care tip: remove all your jewelry while using any cosmetic products.


While everyone falls asleep with their jewelry on, it is not something we should continue doing. Make a conscious effort to remove all jewelry and store it in a safe place before retiring for bed each night. During the night, our body undergoes several changes. Our fingers may swell up or shrink, causing rings to either tighten up or fall off. Wearing necklaces or pendants is also extremely risky as they may get wrapped around your neck, thus injuring you. The sharp ends of earrings may cause serious, irreversible harm to your ears or skull. Thus, it becomes evident that jewelry care is also equivalent to self-care.  

 Now that we have discussed several instances where jewelry care is a must, let us also look at a frequently asked question:


How to take care of an engagement ring?

jewelry care

Engagement rings are undoubtedly the most prized piece of jewelry due to their sentimental value. Such rings also serve as family heirlooms and are passed down from one generation to another. But would you want to pass down a filthy, ill-kept piece of jewelry to your children?

Let us discuss jewelry care tips specifically designed for the proper maintenance of your priceless engagement rings.

·       Don’t wear your ring in any of the aforementioned situations.

·       Check the diamond regularly for scratches.

·       Make sure that the metal band does not bend out of shape.

·       Clean your ring with mild products.

·       Check the prongs that hold the diamond.

·       In case anything is loose or wobbly, take it off immediately and get it fixed.  

·       Opt for jewelry insurance if feasible.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, jewelry care may seem to be an extremely simple topic of discussion, but it is also an important one. We understand that each piece of jewelry is valuable and the points we discussed should help you preserve your jewelry. Our jewelry care tips are not difficult or impossible to follow – all you need to do is make a routine and stick to it. Keep your jewelry aside in situations that may compromise its appearance and durability. In the end, you will be surprised at how easy it is to care for your jewelry, and the amount of money you save on getting professional cleaning treatments to bring back its sparkle.



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