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How & Where to Sell Diamond Earrings in 2021

Diamond earrings come in different shapes and styles – from simple diamond studs to big and more intricate designs. If you have a pair of diamond earrings that you either bought some time ago or were gifted to you, and you no longer want – you might be wondering yourself: how much are my earrings worth or where to sell diamond earrings?

When you are thinking of selling diamond earrings, there are many factors to take into consideration. There are also many ways to approach and sell your diamond earrings. 

How much are my diamond earrings worth?

The value of diamond earrings can differ vastly. The factors that are taken into account while evaluating the value of your diamond earrings are as follows: 

The brand

If your diamond earrings are from a famous brand, it will contribute to the value-added to your jewelry.

Vintage or antique

Antique jewelry items like specific vintage models, will be worth more than others. But simply because your jewelry is old, does not make it rare.

The condition

Your diamond jewelry will get its real value only if it has been kept in good condition. Any scratches or chips to the earrings, especially to the diamonds, will decrease the amount.

The diamond itself

What you need to know about your diamond earrings to receive a fair price quote is the color grade, clarity, and carat weight.

How to Sell Diamond Earrings?

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1. Gather your documents

When you purchase diamond earrings, they will give you papers, including the information about your earrings.

But what to do if you have no information on your diamond earrings? A local jeweler can generally provide information free of charge. Ask for the carat weight, colour and clarity of the largest diamond in the jewel. Although the jewelers will demand payment for a written appraisal, they give you a verbal estimate for free.

2. Decide how to sell diamond earrings

You have many options available to consider where and how to sell diamond earrings. Be sure to measure the pros and cons of each option.

Where to sell diamond earrings?

Pawn Shop: If you need cash fast but are not willing to sell your diamond earrings, then pawning them is a choice. However, bear in mind that you have to pay interest on it, so it is only a temporary solution.

Online Auction

Some websites enable you to sell diamond earrings. But the difficulty with this is that you will not get the advantage of working with diamond professionals who can accurately price your diamond earrings. It takes a long time, and they charge a fee for the process.

Auction House

This is also a long process, and it many times involves only rare and incredibly highly valued diamond earrings that are suited to sell at an auction.


Your local jewelry shop might offer a consignment service. But there are fees involved in this, and it can even take months or even years for the diamond earrings to sell as they are only exposed to the customers in the local area.


It isn’t easy to receive fair market value when selling diamond earrings on eBay. Very few diamond jewelry for sale sells. People are apprehensive about trusting wary buyers.

Consignment Shops

Consignment shops sell on behalf of their clients, but they charge high fees. The diamond earrings are put on display for weeks or even months until they attract the interested buyer. It can also take a long time to get the payment if you choose to sell diamond earrings at these shops.

Expert Diamond Buyers

Not all gemologists buy from the public, but some do offer that service. This is a very recommended process since an expert gemologist can give you an honest and full evaluation of your old jewelry. Our diamond experts at are trained gemologists with knowledge of the second-hand diamond market. We are also best placed to value your diamond earrings and pay you within days accurately. With a good BBB rating, we provide a free and secure transaction with full transparency. Our process is professional and designed to sell your diamond earrings effortlessly.

If you choose to use our service, you can simply fill the form at the bottom of this article to receive a price quote. [greeting]

Why sell your earrings with Sell Your Jewelry?

  • It has better offers. As it is easier to sell your diamond earrings for the best price when multiple buyers come forward.
  • This is a simple process. Many of our clients tell about the frustration they feel when getting a fair price from the local jewelers. Sell Your Jewelry is different in this matter: we help you sell your diamond earrings quickly in an appropriate manner. Grading, cleaning of the jewelry, photography is the expertise of every sale. Schedule an appointment, and we will handle the rest. We offer your earrings to our vast network of professional diamond earring buyers.
  • We give grading for every diamond. Understanding the worth of your diamond earrings is the key to obtain a fair price for your jewelry. Gemological professionals grade all diamonds.
  • Work with Sell Your Jewelry executive who answers your questions and guides you through every step of the process so that you are never left alone. You will remain updated as the process goes, and you always know where your diamond earrings are and what is happening to them. It is the best way to sell diamond earrings. 

How to get a fair price?

The best way to ensure that you get a fair offer when you sell diamond earrings is to take advantage of Sell Your Jewelry’s easy process. By allowing us to handle the entire process, you ensure the earrings attract attention from qualified buyers. It is not unusual for many buyers to compete for a single pair of diamond earrings and this also means that the final selling price is going to be more than what you receive if you dealt with a single buyer. Selling your diamond earrings with Sell Your Jewelry means more exposure and a better price.

If you have any questions about diamond earrings that you would like to sell, please reach out to us. We will be happy to provide solutions and address related concerns you may have. [greeting]

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