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Before Selling Understand the Jewelry Pricing and Value

Planning to sell diamonds, diamond rings, or any diamond jewelry? 

How to start? Where to sell? What would be jewelry pricing? These are some questions that fill your mind. Do you need to be in this much of a doubt? Well, the answer is- “certainly not!”

Selling jewelry, particularly diamonds, diamond rings, and diamond jewelry, can be a long and unfruitful process for some, especially if you sell it for the first time. There can be a variety of reasons as to why one tends to sell diamond jewelry. It can be possible that you want to upgrade your jewelry, or want to liquidate it for some cash, or want to sponsor a vacation you always wanted. 

It is very true that when one sells diamond, diamond rings, or diamond jewelry, their prices fall drastically. There are various reasons associated with it. The first one and very obvious one is that it is second-hand. You must have heard from somebody that a car or bike’s resale price is very low when it becomes a second hand. 

Jewelry pricing depreciates with time. Add to this the profits of the dealer and their costs incurred in repairing or polishing the jewels. So, a second-hand piece’s final jewelry pricing ranges somewhere between double and triple the market’s wholesale price. And upon all this, the dealers also keep good margins for themselves. 

A retail replacement value is mainly used for insurance purposes; it implies the value one would spend for the same or similar item in a retail platform. When an insured piece needs to be displaced quickly, the retail market is steadily the only area to do so. With retail prices varying due to regions, sales, marketing, and the economy, one must be aware of the insurer’s specific market and criteria to boil down at the appraised value.

Insurance Appraisal

Insurance appraisal or insurable value is an impartial judgment of a specific item’s price based on an examination and analysis of related data and the request of appropriate techniques. 

In case of product damage, the insurance policy explicitly declares that it will reimburse the restoration or replacement of the broken items. This is dependent on the limits specified in the policy, based on RCN or Replacement Cost New. Suppose the insurer chooses not to restore or replace the affected items. In that case, the actual cash value “ACV” will be used for payments.

Particularly in the case of jewelry, the value should be comparable to displacing the jewelry with a similar item of jewelry in an appropriate platform being sold at the saleable rate.

Fair Market Value

Fair market value refers to the price at which both seller and buyer agree to the deal. There should be no force of one on another or interjection from any third party. This is a conscious decision. Both the seller and the buyer have all the relevant and needed information about the product and market. 

Resale Appraisal

Resale appraisal refers to the process of determining the value of the jewelry you want to sell. Your selling reasons could be anything, whether you require cash or want to sell to upgrade your collection.

You can sell the jewelry piece again to anyone in the market or directly to the final customer. 

If you need any help regarding this, Sell Your Jewelry. This B-B-B accredited platform offers its users, who want to sell jewelry, an additional service of Resale Appraisals.

Estate Appraisal

IRS(Internal Revenue Services) statutes put compulsion that Fair Market Value is used to get appraisals for the items possessed by a departed individual. An assessment of all their possession is performed for tax and diffusion motives.

Charitable Contribution or Gift

When donating jewelry that holds some monetary value, to a qualified foundation for study or charity, like in a museum or university centers. The Fair Market Value is used in appraisals.

Damage or Loss of Value Appraisal

Adjusters, insurance companies, or the protected person uses Damage of Value appraisal. This kind of appraisal determines the evaluation if any private possession is lost, stolen, maimed, or destroyed.

The item is valued both in its original condition when it was in possession and its current conditional value.

Jewelry as Collateral

Loans are issued by banks, private firms, and individuals with jewelry as collateral. The pawnshop is a perfect example of this type of deal.

The parties providing these type of services offers services for the appraisals for jewelry as collateral. 

Family Division Appraisal

A family division appraisal can be used in various cases where the family is divided, for instance, the death of a family member or divorce of a couple of estate planning. This appraisal inscribes all actuarial possession, allocating the Fair Market Value at the time of assessment. [greeting]

What an Appraisal Should Include

jewelry pricing

In most cases, almost every appraisal should involve details of the jewelry, including its weight, quality, ratios, jewels, type of metal, any coatings, and more. The appraisal should display the credentials of your appraiser, and it should mention the kind of appraisal for accurate jewelry pricing.

The charges of appraisals can differ with time, place, and appraisers. The appraiser can charge a square rate or overall rate or charge per hour, which can depend on the appraiser’s credentials and experience and can be between $50-$300 per hour. 

Ensure that your appraiser also has an Omission and Errors insurance as well. So that you can be protected if there are any mistakes committed on the appraisal. This will protect you from shocks of not getting reimbursement due to faulty paperwork.

Value Reality

As mentioned before, Jewelry pricing comes to play when selling your jewelry, and this lands under the compulsion of requiring a Resale Appraisal. The notion of Fair Market Value can look a little not so related. So, let’s put this example in the more easy example.

Let’s take, for instance, that a person bought a necklace for $2,000. Before sales tax, the rate is $1,500. Reselling the necklace to a reliable buyer (personal contact or some shop) would naturally fetch a price of between $500 and $1,000. Are you wondering why the resale jewelry pricing is this low?

As said earlier, a retailer also has some expenses on his side. These include wages to his employees, charges of repairing and polishing his shop expenses, building rents, and whatsoever.

These small costs that firms incur, also called overhead costs, decrease selling prices and balance the price with other expenses.

Before going out in the market to show around your diamonds to sell, do some homework by yourself. Learn about jewelry within a comparable spectrum in the retailing market and online. You can also find these details from your local traders and trusted individuals out there in the market. In order to get a clear picture of how jewelry pricing works.

Looking to Sell Your Jewelry?

We hope this was useful to you. Also, Sell Your Jewelry is a comprehensive solution. If you want to sell diamond rings or if you’re going to sell diamonds or any other diamond jewelry. Sell Your Jewelry is also a great place to learn more about jewelry pricing. Jewelry appraisals from industry experts when you wish to sell diamond jewelry.

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