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Diamond Solitaire Settings

What is a solitaire diamond setting?

In short, it’s any jewelry that has one single stone as part of the setting. In rings, a lady’s necklace, engagement rings or any jewelry you may purchase to celebrate someone’s birthday, you’ll often find a solitaire setting.

Let’s talk engagement rings:

Diamond rings are popular ways to showcase love and commitment. Someone kneeling down with a diamond ring in front of a possible future bride creates memorable moments both parties will cherish in future. For the lady, looking at that ring on her finger in years to come, will spark memories of that moment. So, it’s vital that a guy selects a type of ring of which the details suit the lady’s personal taste.

Many couples eventually decide on a solitaire diamond setting for engagement jewelry. When a survey was launched with 7 000 women, one quarter of them confirmed that their partners proposed with solitaire setting rings.

Why is it so popular?

For one thing, a solitaire design doesn’t go out of fashion. It has a certain elegance about it, making it a classic option that works for people with different tastes.


Secondly, if you want to enjoy looking at your diamond, a solitaire setting will show off the best features of the stone, remarkably well. The good news: a classic approach doesn’t mean boring. You can pick one of many solitaire setting options. But how do you make sure you get it right? We suggest you first consider which shape diamond will be best, because your entire design will be created around this stone. The gem will be the focus of your jewelry.

Not sure what to pick?

A safe choice is what over 50% of engagement ring buyers pick: a round brilliant gem. The specific cut ensures both sparkle and depth. It’s so eye-catching because there’s a lot of light that returns through the top part of the gem.

If you’re in the mood for something different, why not consider these:

  • Princess
  • Pear shaped stones
  • Cushion cut diamond

Your next step is to pick a style for your setting, which refers to what type of look your setting will have while it keeps your gem safely in its place. Let’s discuss a few setting styles. You can pick the modern Bezel style which follows the shape of the gem.

Active individuals are wise to pick this: if your ring will often bump against objects, this setting is more likely than some others to still keep it secure. If aesthetics matter to you most, you’ll probably like the Tension or Prong settings. With the first type, your gem will seem as if it’s floating on top of the jewelry.

The diamond is kept in place by a spring effect and there isn’t any metal underneath the gem. A bonus with this setting is that it’s so easy to maintain, so it won’t start looking dull. With the Prong setting, a type of claw—the prongs are wires connected to the ring band—below the stone secures it. The attractive aesthetics is thanks to the setting allowing for a lot of sparkle and you’re showing off the gem’s dimensions & details.

If you love minimalism and a classic look, this will work for you. One that definitely deserves your consideration is the Tiffany setting: a design with six claws or prongs. It’s been on the jewelry scene for 125 years, and it’s still iconic & often seen in new engagement rings. Or do you want a Cathedral setting where the sides of your gem will be safeguarded by slopes?

The name refers to the fact that the overall look resembles a cathedral’s arched and vaulted ceiling. Which one will it be? One thing is for sure: you won’t go wrong by picking a solitaire diamond setting to impress your loved one!


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