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Radiant Cut vs Princess Cut : Which You Should Choose?

While discussing radiant cut vs princess cut, both of them are trendy for engagement rings. More similar than some cuts, these two diamond cuts both show an incredible square shape. One of the main variations between these two cuts is the corner. A princess-cut diamond has rough corners that are sharp, whereas the radiant cut has very carefully cut corners. The diamond shape is also one of the main differences between radiant cut vs princess cut; a princess cut is squarer, and a radiant cut is rectangular.

These subtle differences have a notable impact on the popularity of the stones. The princess cut is trendy, while the radiant cut is much less in demand. The radiant cut can reflect more light due to the combination of its facets. Therefore, it glows brighter than the princess cut. For women with busy lifestyles, the radiant cut is more fitting. Because it does not contain any acute corners which are likely to become snagged.

Princess Cut Diamonds

The princess cut diamond is trendy in the engagement ring world. A princess-cut diamond engagement ring is the second most prevalent style of engagement ring offered. Like the radiant cut, the princess cut was only recently developed. It was formed in 1980, and its overall versatility in jewelry makes the cut particularly captivating to buyers. Princess cuts are not just popular but also more affordable than most other cuts of diamonds. We can connect this low price to the process in which princess cut diamonds are made. Two princess-cut diamonds can be cut from the same rough stone. Keeping the stone at a high profit but lowering the waste immensely.

Radiant Cut Diamonds

Like the princess cut diamonds, the radiant cut diamond initially became famous in the 1980s. This ring is a nice middle-ground between the princess and cushion-cut diamonds. Therefore, the stone complements both round and square diamond settings entirely. A bowtie effect is more inclined to occur in more rectangular radiant cut diamonds. For example, a 3-carat radiant cut diamond would be very likely to possess. Because the bowtie effect due to its large surface area. Therefore, buyers should know the length-to-width ratio. They prefer to purchase the most significant diamond with the most miniature bowtie. It effect that they can for their radiant cut diamond engagement ring.

Which cut has the most brilliance?

Brilliance is the common aspect when discussing radiant cut vs princess cut. However, no two diamonds are alike, meaning that other factors like cut quality can influence the brilliance of a diamond simply as much as its form.

With this thing in mind, a radiant cut diamond will typically reflect more light than an equally well-cut princess diamond. Creating a slightly more suitable choice if you’re studying for optimal sparkle, brilliance, and fire.

However, a well-cut princess diamond can similarly be exceptionally gleaming, meaning that either diamond shape is an excellent choice. If you’re looking for a beautiful diamond that’s designed to reflect light. In addition, the radiant and princess cut have similar facets (70 vs 76 for the modern princess cut), making them very alike in brilliance and sparkle.

Which cut is more affordable?

One of the most affordable diamond patterns is the princess cut. It is because the cutting method for a princess cut diamond utilizes the most significant percentage of the primary rough diamond, with very little going to waste.

We found that the princess cut is approximately 40% less expensive than the brilliant round cut on mediocre. However, the radiant cut also uses a more significant percentage of the diamond rough. Such, offers excellent value for money. Our comparison on radiant cut vs princess cut found that the radiant cut is around 10% extra expensive than the princess cut. 34% less costly than an equivalent round brilliant cut diamond.

Which cut is more durable?

While discussing radiant cut vs princess cut, this is one field in which the radiant cut is the clear winner. However, as we briefly discussed above, the sharp, square corners of the princess cut can chip. If the diamond brushes upon a hard surface. As such, the radiant cut will generally be a better choice if your fiancé-to-be has an active lifestyle.


Radiant cut vs princess cut design

From an artistic view, the radiant cut and princess cut share several standard features. They’re both angular, geometric diamonds with a rectangular or square shape. However, this is where the similarities finish, and the differences in design start to begin in radiant cut vs princess cut design. While the princess cut has square edges, the radiant cut has beveled edges that grant it a less geometric look.

From a durability viewpoint, this is a feature in the radiant cut’s favor. However, as we included in our princess cut guide. The sharp edges of the princess cut are apt to chipping. Especially if the diamond has inclusions close to its borders.

While the princess cut is square and usually looks its diamond size. When set in a ring, the radiant cut is typically rectangular. In addition, it has a long diagonal measurement that makes it appear larger than its carat weight. With this stated, some radiant cut diamonds do hold proportions resembling a square rather than a rectangle. Although this only accounts for a portion of radiant diamonds sold.

Finally, the princess cut has a bigger table than the radiant cut. It gives it a different, impressive appearance but can make it easier to spot inclusions in some princess-cut diamonds. Still, the facet pattern of the princess cut usually does an excellent job of making inclusions challenging to notice.

So now, after you learned the differences between a princess cut and radiant cut, you must have some additional questions. So let us help you with the most frequently asked ones:

. Is princess cut or radiant cut better?

The princess cut, as well as the radiant cut, are both trendy for engagement ring designs. Bearing a strong resemblance to each other, these two diamond cuts exhibit a beautiful square shape. One of the prime differences between these two cuts is the corner. These subtle differences do have a significant impact on the popularity of the stones. The princess cut is trendy, while the radiant cut is much less in demand. The radiant cut can reflect more light due to the arrangement of its facets. Therefore, it shines brighter than the princess cut.

. Are radiant cut diamonds more expensive?

A loose radiant cut diamond will be priced lower on a per-carat basis than most other diamond cuts. The radiant diamond is one of the most affordable diamond shapes. By choosing a radiant diamond over a round brilliant. You’ll be able to expend more of your budget on the engagement ring or a larger diamond.

. Do radiant cut diamonds look bigger?

In few cases, the elongated shape of radiant cut diamonds may appear bigger than a round of comparable carat weight. If if a radiant cut, or any other form, is cut too deep. It will be hiding carat weight and not appear as big as one of the same weight that is well-cut. Even if a radiant cut is proportioned to have a good ‘spread’ (surface area). If it suffers any light performance deficiencies, especially around the perimeter, it will look smaller than one with better brightness. Ideal cut rounds look larger than rounds of average cut quality of equal diameter. Because they reflect more light to the eye from edge to edge.

Cutters often use various roughs to cut fancy shapes. Rather than the more common octahedral rough used to cut rounds and princess cuts. The answer to the question as to whether a radiant cut looks bigger is ‘” it depends”! 


Between the radiant cut vs princess cut, neither is the “best” choice for everyone. The princess cut gives a classic, beautiful look. With a developed design in the mid-20th century and an excellent level of excellence.

The radiant cut offers a more modern diamond shape. A slightly more prominent appearance, enhanced durability, and a likely increase in brilliance and sparkle.

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