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This Is How You Can Sell Jewelry For Best Prices

When we sell our old jewelry or jewelry in general, people are skeptical about whether they are receiving the right price for their jewelry. They worry about being cheated. You, of course, want the amount to what your jewelry is worth. As you are just a seller and not a gemologist, you need to know about the worth. There is nothing wrong with a little research. You are going to sell your jewelry and the more you know, the better it is. It is not something which you do every day and it is an experience where you will learn a lot about jewelry like how to sell jewelry for a fair price – this will also help you later; Learning about the sales area of jewelry will also help you become a better buyer.

We will help you know if you are getting a good deal for your jewelry, and we are going to explain a few of the critical factors that determine the resale value of your jewelry. It sheds light as to how the quote offered for your jewelry matches the jewelry’s worth or not. 

We hope this article helps you and guides you on how to sell jewelry for a fair price.

The first question is why you want to sell your jewelry?

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There are many reasons why you might want to sell your jewelry. Some of these reasons could be divorces, relationship issues, need for funds, etc. You might not like the memories associated with your previous husband or your spouse or partners. Perhaps you don’t want any reminders of a relationship gone sour and wish to get rid of the gifts you received.  

Some people inherit their jewelry from their grandparents, mothers, or aunts. Maybe you don’t like that design or old fashioned ring or necklace, or maybe you just want a better thing instead of that. Also, many women end up with many pieces of damaged jewelry. It might be because the hooks have broken, or hinges are loose, and you cannot fix them. Even if one earring from a pair is lost – You get that right! You might be having many such pieces in your jewelry case. 

Another reason for selling the jewelry is that due to unavoidable circumstances in life, the requirements arise and you need the cash. It happens to most of us. The reasons can be many, but whatever the circumstances are, here are all the details you should know about how you can sell your jewelry at a fair price:


Tips on how to Sell your jewelry for a Fair Price:

1. If you act on the impulse to sell your jewelry, you might not be getting a fair price. You need to carefully evaluate your piece of jewelry that you wish to sell. 

2. Get a proper appraisal from a reliable source. You have your antique or intricate jewelry evaluated adequately before selling it.

3. Know the real worth of your jewelry.

4. Sell it to a reputable buyer.

5. Go around and check if you need to know more information.

6. Safeguard yourself.

7. Know the current market rates.

8. Get facts.

Things to keep in mind while making a deal

  • Carefully go through the buyers to get a fair price. 
  • Is the buyer legitimate, and does their site appear to be professional?
  • Are there good feedbacks and reviews from people? Are all the comments positive? Maybe there is something fishy.
  • Does the buyer have a physical address?
  • Is the jeweler’s phone number accessible?
  • Do they possess jewelry business knowledge?
  • Does the buyer have a better business bureau rating(BBB)?
  • Do they have a transparent transaction system?

How to sell jewelry for a fair price?

Determining a fair price for jewelry is an important step. To do this, you must keep in mind the following things:

  • Observe your jewelry for specifically certified markings, dates, brands, and similar such stuff.
  • Research these engravings on the jewelry and equip yourself with the knowledge. Research always helps in making a wise decision.
  • Note the missing parts or if there is any damage to the jewelry.
  • Take photographs of the jewelry and keep certifications carefully.

Some websites provide links and blog posts where you can find more information about the jewelry regarding what is in demand, what is trending, and other such info, which is useful for selling your jewelry for a fair price. 

Making a great impression:

When you sell jewelry to a potential buyer, the first impression they get is usually from the photographs you might have included. But the real value is in the jewelry, though. A superb image of your jewelry to the buyer will help you get a fair price when you sell it.

  • Before selling, it is better to clean the jewelry once. It will help you to get a fair price. You can consider professional polishing for your more valuable or delicate items.
  • If by any chance the jewelry is broken or damaged, we will recommend you not to do it yourself. seek help from any professional so they can make sure that your jewelry will not be further damaged in the cleaning process.
  • If you know about the rarity of your gemstone or jewelry – It will be very beneficial for you to understand the value. You will get the payment if your jewelry is in demand or rare or if it is in good condition. This is why keeping your jewelry well-maintained is very necessary.
  • Take photographs of the items with a contrasting background. Black or white background is always right. A darker colour will highlight the jewelry correctly, and it showcases the value and its desirability.
  • If you plan to sell several jewelry pieces as a single unit, then photograph all of them together and take a photograph of the individual part separately.
  • While taking photographs, take it from all sides and all angles as well.

Best place to sell jewelry

It is best to locate a business that can help you sell your item safely, as hassle-free as possible and of course – at the highest price. Of course, this business you are turning to needs to have a good reputation, and it needs to be transparent and fair.  If you want, you can sell your jewelry through our business. We at Sell Your Jewelry by Dianoche have a worldwide reach to the customers as we are an established and reputable buyer of used and vintage jewelry. You can sell your diamond jewelry or other gold jewelry to a broader audience. Our presence will help your jewelry piece find the highest bidder. Proper photography and quality of the jewelry guarantee a fair price for each of your pieces of jewelry. This way, you ensure that your jewelry is exposed to a large number of people. 

You can be assured about working with us; We have several clients all over the world and a 5 stars rating on google. Also the payment method in our store is better than the market. If you go for a pawn shop or a local market, it can take longer to get a seller and more time to get the payment in return.With us, you do not have to wait much, and once your jewelry is sold, you will get the payment instantly with your preferred method! We make the whole journey effortless for you and make sure that you get the best services with us. 

All of these features and transparency make us one of the fair places to sell your jewelry or sell diamond jewelry. You will get to know what we are talking about once you approach us.



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