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How To Sell Your Engagement Ring?

Do you want to sell your engagement ring?

It can be confusing to know the best route to go when faced with so many possibilities.

Once you’ve found the right buyer, you can sell your engagement ring quite easily.

We help you to make the process smooth and simple.

Why should you use our service?

We are an International diamond, jewelry, and gemstones buyer specialists and offer extremely reasonable prices on the second-hand market because of our gemmologists’ expertise & our worldwide network.

Through our absolutely complimentary and safe service we’ve received lots of feedback from our satisfied customers.

With these three top tips to using our services to sell your engagement ring, you can confidently select the best way suited to you, with the help of our dedicated team.

Top 3 Tips for Selling Your Engagement Ring

1. Find a jewelry buyer.

2. Have a face-to-face 100% FREE consultation.

3. Sell your engagement ring.

4. Find A Jewelry Buyer

A simple and secure selling solution.


Our customers prefer this option because of its ease.

Our service is available for anyone looking to sell their jewelry, diamonds, and gemstones.

By selling your engagement ring to us in our Singapore office,  you get a free consultation from a top gemologist with no obligations to accept his offer.

Here’s how to effortlessly sell to us:

1. Contact us by filling your details in the optin box below, and one of our specialist gemologists will respond.

  • We will schedule a meeting in our Singapore office.

  • Our gemologist will provide you with a solid purchase offer for your engagement ring.

    Our service ensures no unknown charges or additional rates are included.

2.  Have a Face-to-Face Consultation

Many people only comfortable working with someone in person, a face-to-face consultation with one of our gemologists is the best option for you.

The complete selling procedure takes place in our Singapore office.

You can rest assured that you’ll never lose sight of your engagement ring during these consultations.

One of our specialist gemologists will assess your ring in your presence.

Face-to-face consultations take place in our pleasant, trendy office in Singapore,

Your engagement ring is then assessed and appropriately priced.

Face-to-face consultations are free and you’re under no obligation to sell your engagement ring to us.

3. Trade in Your Engagement Ring.

Our trade-in program is another way in which you can sell your engagement ring.

Trading in your engagement ring provides you with the capital towards finding a new jewelry item that you’ve had your eye on.

The credit gives you store credit where you can begin window shopping. 

Like our other selling options, a trade-in is 100% free, with no unseen rates or add-ons. It’s simple to trade in your engagement ring with us:

  • Begin by contacting us for a free consultation by filling the optin-box below.

  • Once you’re contacted you can let us know if you’d like to come to our Singapore office for a face-to-face consultation to obtain an assessment for your ring.

    Be sure to tell our gemologist that you’re interested in our trade-in program.

  • After completing the assessment of your engagement ring, you’ll receive the final quoted trade-in price.


If you need further advice on how to proceed with the sale of your engagement ring, feel free to contact us by filling the option box below.


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