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Can You Upgrade Your Engagement Ring?

You don’t have to go to the extreme of Victoria Beckham who owns a collection of 14 engagement rings. But perhaps you’ve come across some photos of others’ sparkling stones and wondered if you should upgrade your ring. We’re a jewelry specialists who regularly hear the question:

At what point should I upgrade on my engagement ring?

There’s no single correct answer for this question, but you can consider three important reasons influencing ladies to improve on their engagement rings. We’ll give you the common motives for upgrading engagement rings, kinds of improvements you can make on your own ring and an affordable way to obtaining the engagement ring your heart desires.

At What Point Should I Improve on my Engagement Ring?

1. When your budget allows it.

2. If your ring is not fashionable anymore.

3. At your wedding vow renewal ceremony.

We’ll also provide tips on:

– The best ways to improve on your engagement ring. 

– An inexpensive way to buying your dream engagement ring.


1. At the Time Money Allows Some ladies opt to improve on their engagement rings at a later stage when their finances permit it.

The US Census Bureau recorded that in 2018 women got married for the first time at the average age of 27.8 years and men at 29.8 years old. It’s understandable that not all couples have the money for the best engagement ring at a point when house mortgages and wedding expenses prevail.

The Knot conducted a survey in 2018 finding that $33, 931 is the cost of a typical wedding. For this reason, numerous younger engaged pairs decide to cut the costs on an engagement ring to carry less debt into their new union.

It’s true that the longer you’ve been wed, the more financially free you should be. You’ll find yourself in a much steadier position with more opportunities to splurge than when you were younger.

With higher combined earnings you and your partner will have more money for a better engagement ring without negatively impacting your financial situation. This is when you should improve on your engagement band.

2. If you feel that your ring is not fashionable anymore. It’s not uncommon for you to fall out of love with your engagement ring simply due to the fact that your preferences are now different. Perhaps your heart’s set on a more modern fashion or you’re looking for something that better matches your present life stage or style.

It’s possible that you don’t find your gemstone attractive anymore or the size and form of the ring isn’t conducive to your way of life. You might have adored your dainty engagement diamond-studded ring as a young bride-to-be but your energetic lifestyle today puts your precious jewel at risk.

Maybe you’re looking for something solid instead in a more secure setting that protects your stone from scratches. On the other hand, you might want something even bigger and better to make more of a statement to celebrate your many years of marriage, such as an even more impressive midpoint diamond.

3. At Your Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony. What better occasion than a wedding vow renewal ceremony to improve on your engagement ring? If this event is at the same time as a significant wedding anniversary, it’s an ideal opportunity to recommit to each other by reestablishing your bond.

A wedding vow renewal ceremony gives you the space to remember your original promises to one other and can be personally suited to you & your partner’s preferences. An improved engagement band will make this event extraordinary: the renewing of your wedding vows can be sealed with a new jewel representing your reaffirmation of love to each other. The best ways to Improve on your engagement ring 
with many options on offer to match your preferences and pocket,

Here are four of the best ways of improving on rings:

1. Invest in an Additional ring known as a ring enhancer, you can purchase an extra ring to wear with your engagement band. This can be specially designed or picked out in the exact style you’d like, to make your existing engagement ring’s midpoint stone stand out even more.

2. Improve on its setting, you’ve got the option to change the kind of metal of your ring to a different color, such as from understated white gold to a brighter yellow gold.

Alternatively, you can divide a single ring into two. Improving on the setting of your engagement ring can make a radical difference to its appearance without spending more on a completely new ring.

3. Enhance Your ring with Gems

By adding a characteristic diamond stone or a colorful sapphire to your engagement ring, you’ll instantly see how it increases in both style and shine.

A halo, petite pave band or side gems design will make your band pop.

4. Improve on the Midpoint Stone

You don’t have to improve on the whole band.

By improving on the midpoint diamond you can keep the band’s setting that you’re still happy with.

Stones come in all forms and sizes— geometric, heart-shaped & round. If you opt for a bigger stone with a higher quality grade cut or hue, your band will instantly be transformed. An inexpensive way to buying your dream engagement ring
is by trading your old engagement ring in for a newer one is an inexpensive solution to improving on your engagement ring.

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