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6 Things You Should Do To Sell Loose Diamonds

Selling loose diamonds can be a significant and emotional decision. You don’t want to make a hasty decision about the fate of your loose diamonds without doing your research.

How to sell diamonds so that you can get the best price:

1. Look for the buyer before going out:

Before going to see anyone regarding selling your loose diamonds, you have to make sure to look for them. One thing to consider is to make sure that they have certified gemologists available for the appraisals. In this way, you can be sure that there will be somebody specialized in the field of diamonds, who can correctly inspect the diamonds for all the four C’s which are cut, clarity, colour and carat. Your diamond buyer needs to be very knowledgeable related to the market and should also be able to answer your doubts regarding diamond buying and selling. 

2. The offers and appraisal values need not be the same.

When you are viewing the appraisal value of your diamonds, there are chances that it might be much more than the offer. An appraisal value is a price which an insurance company values your diamond if it is to be replaced for any reason. 

An offer is a price that a buyer pays for a diamond for its current condition. Diamonds, like some of the used cars, will sell for a lesser amount than the original price or the appraisal value. So these two are very different numbers in reality. Do not expect being paid the appraisal value directly when you go to sell your used loose diamonds.

3. Don’t make a quick decision

You must do research and trust the diamond buyer. Selling loose diamonds is an emotional experience, and you should not let the buyer take advantage of this situation. You should not feel pressured or being forced into something that you don’t feel right about. If you are not sure about it, take a couple of days and let yourself have enough time to think about selling your loose diamonds. You should not sell the diamond on the spot there and then.

4. Understanding your diamond and its real value:

One of the sure ways is that you should get a fair price for your diamond. It is to understand the actual value of your diamond. What is that about your loose diamond which makes it more valuable? 

When someone is looking to sell loose diamonds, the condition of the diamonds is essential. Even the smallest scratches can decrease the value of the diamond. The size of the diamond is another important factor and plays a significant role in its value. Larger diamonds are costlier than smaller ones, even though the carat weights end up the same amount. Larger diamonds are difficult to find, so the price of these stones is on the higher side.

Some diamond shapes are out of fashion like the miner’s cut. Some of these older models are hard to sell these days. But, there is an added value if the diamond is a trademark from a designer.

5. Support documents and paperwork:

One of the ways to get the best offer on your loose diamond is to bring the appraisals or original documents and certificates from the major gemological lab. Forms help the diamond buyer have an idea about what others have given the value for the diamond before. It will help raise the price that they are going to offer. Doing this enables you to keep the sale of your loose diamonds more objective and less subjective.

6. Keep your emotions out of the sale process:

 We understand that selling loose diamonds can have a profound impact, and it is a personal decision. You will appreciate the story behind the diamonds you possess or the sentimental value you have for the diamonds. However, the diamond buyer will not offer you more money for the sentimental value. To sell your loose diamonds for the best price will mean that you need to control your emotions out of the sale process. Otherwise, it will be impossible to get an offer that will satisfy you. Please focus on the diamonds that you have rather than the story behind it.


Which are the Diamonds that I can sell?

selling loose diamonds

There are only a few limitations for selling a diamond. Related to the carat weight, you can successfully sell a white diamond not less than 1 carat and a fancy one not less than 0.2 carats heavy.

Regarding the color for the diamonds, some loose diamond buyers buy not less than K grading diamonds. However, some buyers do not buy loose diamonds with a color that is lower than that.

In terms of clarity, some loose diamond buyers buy not less than the SI2 clarity. However, some do not buy loose diamonds with lesser clarity than that.

Some don’t work with any diamonds without the gemological certificate or other laser encryption. These precious diamonds are impossible to prove that they are conflict-free.

If your diamond passes all these limits – then you will have many buyers who will buy your diamonds.

Why Sell Loose Diamonds?

The answer is relatively simple: instead of locking it away in a bank vault or your jewelry box, your diamonds could increase your cash flow while also making someone else happier.

  • You can convert unwanted diamonds into money.
  • It is not difficult to sell loose diamonds when approaching for help from professionals.
  • There is also no risk or any obligation in an auction.
  • The market for loose diamonds is rich.

If you want to sell loose diamonds, you’ll be impressed by the offers you will receive with

Where to sell loose diamonds?

When selling your loose diamonds, it is better to choose a buyer that is a reliable and trusted source. Sell Your Jewelry is a service by Dianoche PTE LTD.,a well-certified jewelry company for many years. We are an accredited and trusted appraising firm. As a company, we pride ourselves on professionalism, transparency, integrity, and honesty. Thus, when you are attempting to sell loose diamonds or sell your diamond jewelry, look for open diamond buyers with similar values, reputation, and standing. The most important thing in selling diamonds is to find a company you trust so that you can have peace of mind.

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Our professionals at Sell Your Jewelry will examine and evaluate your loose diamonds thoroughly. We bring transparency to the diamond values for many years. In other words, we have expertise here to serve you well.

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