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Can You Resell Diamonds?

In this post we address how much your purchased diamonds are worth, how to know the value of your diamond and where you can find a price for your stones that is both true & correct.

Read on for Explanations to these Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are resold diamonds worth anything?
  • Can a diamond’s worth grow?
  • What is the value of my diamond?
  • How is a price for my diamond obtained?

Are Purchased Diamonds Worth Anything?

Simply put, yes. Engagement rings, diamond family treasures or even single diamonds are all worth something. Due to the constant request for diamonds, a market for selling stones will always exist.

Can a Diamond’s Worth Grow?

It’s sadly not common for diamonds to grow in worth in today’s age. Naturally you need to consider how or where you purchased the diamond. Was it through an online sale, a jewelery “contact” or a chain store in a shopping center store? Your diamond’s worth rests on many such and other aspects.


Diamond prices have dropped throughout the past decade in numerous varieties.

Some colored diamond varieties, as an example, are the exception. You’re not expected to get a lot for your diamond unless yours is something completely extraordinarily colored, but not with a modifier color such as brown or almost-brown.

“Engagement rings, diamond family treasures or even single diamonds are all worth something.”

Diamonds have been falsely perceived to be respectable investments that steadily grow in worth. Unfortunately this is not a reality for most of the diamonds distributed over the past decade. The worth of the majority of diamonds has decreased throughout this time. The sad truth is that similar to driving a brand new car out of the showroom, a diamond’s worth drastically decreases as soon as you exit the jeweler’s door.

One of the reasons for this is the store mark-up.

As in the majority of other industries, jewelry stores purchase items at wholesale value and mark them up. Occasionally, some stores will mark up their items much higher than others. The result is that the fundamental value of the diamond, and consequently its resale worth, is regrettably much lower than the original purchase price.

You’re receiving a negative return on your original perceived investment if you consider how wholesale prices have dropped over the past 15 years.

What is the Value of my Diamond?

Your diamond’s value is determined by the seller you approach. Consider the acquisition, assessment and resale worth of diamonds:

Acquisition Worth

From your own diamond window shopping you know how exorbitantly the stones are priced. Business Insider states that jewelers tend to place a mark-up on their jewelery of up to 200%. They do this to compensate for slower sale of stock, overhead expenses and, of course, to ensure a profit. The result is your diamond’s worth is less than the price you bought it for.

Assessment Worth

Jewelers sometimes include an assessment worth when you purchase a diamond. Regularly greater than your actual purchase price, an assessment worth makes certain your diamond can be replaced, avoiding additional costs. While you might think you scored, your insurance premium is ultimately more.

Resale Worth

A diamond’s resale worth is the amount you’ll receive if you opt to sell your stone. Resale worth is normally much less than what you paid for the diamond due to retail mark-up and the general drop in the value of diamonds. Diamond jewels usually have a resale worth of up to 50% of the acquisition worth. By contrast, diamond jewelry resells for even less than this as a portion of assessment worth.

How is a Price for my Diamond Obtained?

It’s always safest to trust the diamond specialists for a price of your diamonds. We have a team of top global diamond buyers and industry consultants. Our GIA-trained gemmologists are equipped with the expertise to assess your diamonds and price them according to today’s second-hand diamond market.

Our worldwide associates and our purchase power help us to make you offers that are both reasonable and reliable.

“Your diamond is unlikely to guarantee you a profit unless it is completely extraordinary.

If you decide to sell your single diamonds and diamond jewelery with us, we can assure you of a simple and free procedure. You don’t have to worry about any unseen costs or charges from the offered purchase price. You will receive precisely the final amount quoted to you. We’ve received countless positive feedback on our safe, dependable service.

If you’re ready to sell, action the procedure by contacting us for a 100% free consultation. You’ll then receive a price quote. Your final offer can be obtained in these two simple ways:

Make an Office Appointment.

Choose a FREE consultation slot with our diamond expert by entering your name and email below (We do not charge you for an appointment and you are under no obligation to sell your diamonds to us).


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