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The Ultimate Guide For Selling Diamond Jewelry

Due to growing economic cash demand for different purposes, people do not mind selling their diamond jewelry. Some people have inherited antique diamond jewelry pieces from their ancestors and prefer to trade them for modern designs or newly introduced designs. Some might not want to remember the past associated with their diamond jewelry so they prefer to sell it for a reasonable price. But selling diamonds is a more costly affair than selling gold; You need to know certain aspects of it before you go for a sale.

If it was the case of gold, it was easier to identify the market value of it by knowing its purity and sell it for profitable returns. However, the sale of diamond jewelry is not so easy. Estimating the diamond’s value requires professional help. Some of those professionals are the buyers who have in-house specialists like gemologists and other experienced people.

Steps for Selling Diamond Jewelry

1. Find a genuine diamond buyer.

While you sell your polished diamonds or diamond jewelry for cash, it is essential to feel confident and comfortable in the process. It is better to start with diamond buyers having a Better Business Bureau (BBB). has an excellent rating, and we hold a dealer’s license that the Singapore city government’s department issued. Thus, if you choose such a trustworthy buyer, you can peacefully go ahead with little worry and ensure a hassle-free selling of your diamonds.

2. Where to sell the diamonds? has a transparent process, and its objective is to buy the diamonds and jewelry with the seller’s satisfaction. When you work with us, it is your choice whether you want to sell your jewelry to us on an agreed price or sell it on a different cost to an end buyer that we locate for you. If you choose the second option, where we are not the end purchaser of your diamonds, all the estimates and prices are mainly to provide correct information to both the seller and the buyer who are bidding on it. But our evaluation is 100% professional and accurate, and this is the kind of place you should look for when you want to get the best offer for your diamonds.

3. Know what type of diamonds you possess.

The price of the diamonds fluctuates as the market fluctuates. So, the first step is to understand what goods you have. You can use a Diamond Value Calculator that will find you the market’s resale value online. But the best way to get a full picture of your piece is by consulting with an expert gemologist. Remember to come to the meeting with all of the official papers and certificates you have for your diamond goods. This is a very crucial part of any evaluation you will ask for, whether you choose to do it with us or anywhere else – because those papers help to define your diamonds fully.

4. Diamond’s value is determined by the Four C’s

Carat– Carat refers to the size, and it is directly proportional to the size of the diamond. The bigger the carat of the diamond, the higher the price of the diamond.

Color– The price is changing based on the color of the diamond. Some diamonds have a slightly colored tint like yellow or brown, and some diamonds have a more clarified color, like pink, blue and even green. The color also plays an important role in determining the process of selling the diamond.

Clarity– The diamond has to be flawless. The fewer the marks of the gem, the higher is its value. The clarity of the diamond is an important aspect to consider in selling diamonds or diamond jewelry.

Cut– The cut is the shape of the diamond. The neater the cut is, the higher the price of the diamond ring or diamond jewelry.


5.  Another essential factor to consider is how immediately you want the cash.

If you are thinking of selling your diamond jewelry on your own, take in mind that it is a very time consuming and exhausting procedure. Some online platforms like eBay can sell your diamonds, but you need to have a lot of experience in this field in order to succeed.

Selling your diamond jewelry with us means that we do all the work for you and help you sell your diamonds soon and safely with little trouble. In a quicker time frame, you will get a proposal for your diamond jewelry. We manage the whole process for you.

Guide on selling diamond jewelry with us:

selling diamond jewelry1

Free consultation on booking– We will provide you a completely free consultation. Once you fill and submit the form below, one of our reputed gemologists will contact you shortly after to schedule the meeting.

 We will do all the work – Once your item reaches our offices, it is kept securely and you have nothing to worry about:

  • You can keep photos of your items for your reference.
  • The top gemologists will evaluate it properly during the consultation in our Singapore office.
  • We will give a price, and we offer you an amount. You can either decide to accept or reject the offer as you like.
  • If you accept the offer, you are now ready for the process.

The next step is to close the deal –As you accept the offer, we will pay you the amount decided for the item you are selling.

If you wish to sell your diamond jewelry to us, start our easy and free of charge process by filling the form below.


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