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How to Sell Old Jewelry Online in 2021

Over recent years, billions of people bought jewelry worth millions online every day. So, the trend of selling old jewelry online is interesting to observe. Selling jewelry online is a massive marketplace, and the demand for selling and buying jewelry never ends. However, selling your jewelry online is not a light-minded business, as many think. It is a process, and as such, it has many levels and aspects that need to be taken in mind. This article explains the detailed report of the best tips for how to sell jewelry online and the best ideas and warns of the mistakes you can make in selling your jewelry online.

So if you are looking to sell your jewels properly and get the best value for your sale, here’s what you need to take in mind:

Let’s start with the big question first: Is selling jewelry online an excellent idea or not?

The answer is: It depends. Many people are buying jewelry online these days so that might be considered as an advantage. Also, many online platforms allow you to sell old jewelry, sell it at online held auctions, or even allow you to have an online shop to sell it to the buyers. So the selection is pretty fair. But the variety of different platforms and different ways of selling online can play as a disadvantage too. If you are uncomfortable with online selling, don’t have much experience with it, and don’t know how to handle the bids, the quotes, and the different characteristics of buyers that you will encounter – then selling online might not be the best solution for you.

Some of the tips for Selling jewelry online: A guide to it

So if you have decided that you are fit for the task, here’s what you need to do.

Before you begin to sell your jewelry online, it is better to follow these tips to close the best deal with the best value you can get:

It is better not to act on impulse and keep emotions checked.

 While getting prepared to sell jewelry the foremost thing to do is check yourself. Do you have any emotions attached to the jewelry while selling it? This idea should not prevent you from selling it when you need cash for emergencies. To overcome this factor, one has to sell the jewelry they are not going to use anymore.


You have to get a proper appraisal of the jewelry

If you have any old or antique jewelry, get it evaluated before selling it to a purchaser, so you make sure that he pays the correct value. Diamond jewelry and antique jewelry are valuable, and selling them gives returns.

Know the value of the jewelry

For example, gold jewelry in Singapore is not from pure gold. It is from 14-carat or 18-carat gold, so when you sell it, you will get as per the quality of the gold. Facts like this one is a must-know before going on with a sale, to make the right deal and not get tricked. You have to know your piece of jewelry from head-to-toe, what it’s worth, how much it weighs, what it is made of, etc.

Find a reputed and trusted buyer

The buyer should be associated with some reputed association and follow ethical values and standards. The buyer should have rules and regulations in place to check for the quality of the jewelry. You will get an idea about the buyer from the customers reviews.

Try going around

Check the quotes of many buyers and then settle for the best. This way, you will know the worth of your jewelry, more or less. We also recommend going to jewelry stores that sell your jewelry or one similar to it, in order to formulate a close estimation of the true value of the jewelry.

Compile the certificates

The certificates your jewel has proves that your item is genuine and real. So try to compile those certificates (like GIA) and documents related to that jewel. This may add value to your possession.

Be honest and real

In order to get the full value of your item, maintain a true and honest attitude. Stick to the true value of the item you’re selling and don’t lie about it’s worth. Honesty leads to honesty on the other side.

Now comes the question of where to sell your jewelry:

First of all, you can always go to an online marketplace platform and place your sale there, like eBay or Facebook Marketplace. These platforms might be very popular nowadays, but their deficiency is that they are not focused on selling valuable items. So if your item isn’t valued at such a high price, they can be considered as a good option. But in most cases, the value for old gold or diamond jewelry will be high, and in these marketplaces, you’ll find it difficult to sell high valued jewelry.

So you can see that selling your jewelry online is a process that involves some anxiety because there are so many things that need to be considered in advance before making a sale. But this process doesn’t have to be so complicated. It should be smooth and worry-free. So what can be your best solution? is an online platform that allows you to contact reliable and professional buyers who can give you a full evaluation of your item and an honest quote. Our process of selling jewelry online is meant to be easy. It will give you peace of mind and remove your unwanted fears of having to sell your jewelry on your own. We invite you to schedule an appointment with our experts, who will happily assist you in getting to know your piece of jewelry’s real value. This way, you will not have to deal with all the complications that can occur in an independent sale, and they will do all the hard work for you – at no extra cost and without obligation.



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