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What is the Best Diamond Cut for an Engagement Ring?

Round diamonds are the most sparkling diamonds and they have the strongest ability to return light.

They are also the most expensive ones.

The reason is it takes more of the initial gross weight to finish the diamond.

So if you take for example a 1 carat rough diamond that fits a round diamond shape – you will probably lose about 55-65%.

In other shapes it loses between 35-45%.

Cushion diamonds are normally the cheapest per carat.

They are very popular due to their elegant shape.

Bear in mind that some of them have a very small surface.

It is very important to choose them wisely.

Marquise and radiant diamonds are often rather flat and long so they can look much larger to the naked eye.

Emerald and asscher cut diamonds are considered more upscale – like cocktail party diamonds.

They have a different type of cut that is an elaborated step cut so they are shiny but not sparkly like the brilliant cuts.

Oval and pear diamonds can look very good or very bad.

If they don’t have a strong bowtie they almost look as lively as round diamonds.

They are long so they look bigger to the eye.

The thing is there are many bad looking ovals and pears out there – it is very important to be wise about comparing them.

Princess diamonds have very nice and interesting models.

Normally people love them or don’t like them.

Normally a woman that loves them will make it known – it’s a diamond we will choose only if I know for a fact my partner likes it.

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