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How Much Is Your Inherited Jewelry Worth?

Inherited jewelry holds a special place in our hearts. The value of having something that belonged to someone close to you is a great feeling. But there are many challenges one faces when they have to sell inherited jewelry for any reason. If you inherit jewelry, you may have some sentiments attached to it. If you are planning to keep it to yourself for future generations or maybe if you want to divide them up for the estate of the deceased, the inherited jewelry has a great value.

If you’re going to hold on to the jewelry for keeping, then this can help you as a valuable resource. For instance, if you want to start a business later on, the jewelry can be helpful. In such a situation, you need to know about the worth of the jewelry. In this article, we will help you guide through some points that can help you get an insight into your jewelry value. 

What is the value of your inherited Jewelry?

Inherited jewelry is generally a bit old. It is a known fact that jewelry is a fashion statement. So, you need to set its value accordingly to sell your old jewelry. Why does someone need to purchase it and why this can be a good investment for the buyer? You need to remember two points – The jewelry value standard and the understanding of people for it, as jewelry price and style changes with time. 

There can be some inherited jewelry that goes out of fashion, and that can be less in value just because it is not trendy anymore. But in some situations, the old jewelry, which is in excellent condition, can be beneficial too. It depends on who is buying or selling and the state of the market. 

But the jewelry’s value is not as easy as the cash.

For instance, the jewelry valuation of an item is more in one area, but in another place and another condition, it could be not very helpful because of various factors in such situations. Still, there are so many factors that play an important role in this situation, which affect the cost value. It is about the buyer as well who wants to buy the jewelry at a specific price.

The price value of your old jewelry can be a lot, but sometimes it is not that much – this can be because of the condition of your jewelry. Factors can be numerous. For such situations, how will you understand more about your inherited jewelry and how to value your jewelry? 

Let us discuss the standards to know more about the value of your inherited jewelry. Remember that if you choose the right standard value for your inherited jewelry, it will work in an excellent possible way.

The Standard – 

The standard value of jewelry matters a lot. It decides the market value of a jewelry item. According to the guidelines, one set of jewelry can have four different weights. A specific jewelry piece can be valued at different prices from different ranges, and all will be valid. You should know about the average values for your inherited jewelry. 


There are four standards prescribed for a jewelry value: 

inherited jewelry


1. The Replacement Value

The Replacement value is one of the most important popular jewelry appraisals if you want to replace your inherited jewelry. Many people only know about one type of value, but the replacement value produces the highest price for a jewelry value. 

The theory behind this is “How much would it cost to replace the jewelry item with a new one?”; It is not about the jewelry item itself but about the original piece and what it would cost. 

The one thing about replacement value that you need to remember is that it has the most correlation to the actual market value or the jewelry item. It is best to be the most objective standard of value to use when dividing your inherited jewelry.


2. Estate Retail Value

Another standard value of jewelry has been linked to jewelry items. The estate pieces of jewelry are also known as the used jewelry. The estate jewelry in retail value estimates the price of a jewelry piece that would sell to a customer. If a customer wants to preserve some money but wants to buy a jewelry piece with high standards, they can choose estate jewelry. The inherited jewelry will be worth less than the brand new work, only because it has been used already. It is one of the best standards for your inherited jewelry.

 If you precisely want estate jewelry at retail value, you should find one of the end consumers to buy the used jewelry piece. If you’re looking for some tips to sell diamond jewelry, you can check our article on Guide on Selling Diamond Jewelry. Here you can get some tips to stay safe and get the best value for your jewelry.

3. Estate Wholesale Value for your inherited jewelry

In wholesale value, estate jewelry is like a business. Let’s say a jeweler who sells jewelry is the one who is willing to pay the price of used jewelry. In this situation, the price will be slightly lower than the estate or replacement value. Reason? The buyer has to add all the cost of business to sell that piece of jewelry to earn some profit. They can buy jewelry easily, which is trendy because it will be easy to sell. This value easily converts to cash, so it is one of the best deals if you have resalable jewelry.


4. Intrinsic Jewelry value for your inherited jewelry

It is the last standard value we are discussing—one of the easiest methods that yield the best prices. The intrinsic estate jewelry is an excellent method for all types of jewelry, and it is raw. There will be no value added to the market or style, condition, market situation, or other facts. It entirely depends on the gem and metal which have been used in that jewelry. It is one of the best factors for your inherited jewelry.

Many “cash for gold” businesses do not pay for the gems. In this situation, offers can be lower than the intrinsic value. The gems’ inherent value is entirely based on the amount of wholesale price of the gem minus any cost for re-cutting or even if you polish the gem. The diamond and gemstone trades keep their prices, so there can be a price difference, which depends on your dealer.  

Final Verdict 

When you are selling or just trying to know about your jewelry’s worth, the experts’ opinion, and how you talk to your dealers matters a lot. It does not matter what standard you are using as long as people can understand your gemstone and the quality it holds. You should work transparently and be crucial to the work process. We understand the desire for a fair division of the jewels valued – have an honest talk with the buyer.

If you feel that you need any further guidance with your jewelry, you can contact us by filling the form below and our experts will be happy to help you. 


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