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Is It Wrong To Sell Inherited Jewelry?

Inherited jewels trading is often paired with a guilty feeling. Perhaps you’re spring cleaning your jewelry drawer and considering parting ways with a precious ring or pendant that a loved one gave you. You’ve never worn it but you simply feel too bad to take the plunge and sell it. Inherited jewelry is given with heartwarming intentions but they sometimes tend to weigh you down more than lift you up, right?

You may be wondering what to do with your heirloom jewels, but if passing them on to other hands has come to mind, this can be easier than you think.

Is Selling My inherited Jewels Acceptable?

Simply put, yes.

You’re under no obligation to hold on to an inheritance. If you’ve decided it’s time to part ways with it, you’re allowed to do so. Better to find a buyer than keep it out of guilt.

Of course, if an inherited jewel symbolizes a significant bond, gesture or vow, then it’s understandable you won’t let it go. But selling your inherited jewels and using the profits towards something more practical & valuable at this stage in your life is also a sensible solution.


An irreplaceable inherited jewel that holds a special place in your heart doesn’t need to be sold. Don’t feel forced to do anything you’re not comfortable with.

For decades jewels and accessories have symbolized an emotional bond that you may fear losing by selling your precious item.

If you’re in conflict about what to do, here are some recommended tips to actively and purposefully conclude if the time has come for you to say goodbye to some inherited jewels.

Tips for Selling Your Heirloom Jewels

1.  Collect

Start by collecting your inherited jewels and bringing them together in one place where you can look closely at each item.

If necessary, split these into various categories, such as bracelets, chains, rings, etc.

It’s helpful to have specific groupings as you sort through your items

2. Evaluate

Look at each item carefully, especially noting the feeling it evokes inside you.

Don’t rush this step and allow yourself the necessary time to touch, wear & ponder the emotions associated with each piece.

Try not to be swayed by the subjective opinion of your family or friends.

It’s now more about how the jewel makes you feel.

You might already know which piece you’d like to save, but will this be only temporarily or forever?

Narrow down your ‘forever’ collection to a handful of extra special pieces, with the view to reassess your ‘temporary’ collection in the not too distant future.

3. Find a Buyer

When you know which items you’re happy to sell, we can assist you.

We know how significant your jewels are to you, so we’re determined to conduct their safe sale to save you time and ensure you’re pleased.

As you repack your jewelry box with the remaining temporary and forever pieces, think of how you can start wearing them on a more frequent basis.

You might decide to wear a particular necklace daily,

Earmark something for your next formal event or remember another item for a future special celebration.

See how you can incorporate the other items to complement the clothes you often wear.

The profits of your sold inherited jewelry can also be used to buy other new pieces that are more aligned to your preferred taste.

4. Don’t Forget

Just because you sell a piece that belonged to a special family member or friend doesn’t mean you’ll forget them.

Their memory and bond will live on in your heart.

Even if you no longer have a physical memory of them, choose to let their legacy continue as you find other ways to connect to them:

  1. Through old photographs.

  2. Taking part in one of their favorite hobbies.

  3. Visiting a place that held special significance to them.

You might surprise yourself in feeling even more attached to them through doing this than you ever imagined.

If you decided to sell your jewelry, then we can help by offering you a 100% free consultation in our office at Chinatown, Singapore. Fill your details below, and a jewelry expert will contact you back to schedule a free consultation.


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