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Are Lab Made Diamonds Worth It in 2021?

What are lab created diamonds?

Lab-created diamonds are also known as lab-grown diamonds. They are also known as synthetic diamonds, sometimes as artificial diamonds and cultivated diamonds. They are cultured diamonds made by man. These diamonds imitate natural diamonds as they consist of carbon atoms. These lab-grown diamonds have the same chemical characteristics similar to that of a real diamond (naturally produced diamonds). Artificial diamonds prices are usually less than that of natural diamonds. . Lab-grown diamonds do not have any resale value, and the price of lab diamonds continues to drop by 30% every year. 

Diamond declaration

Diamonds are a beautiful piece of jewelry, and they have a great demand when you are purchasing high-end jewelry. The marketing of diamonds is also compelling. Diamonds are the first choice when considering buying a cut diamond engagement ring. This article will help you in understanding more about diamonds and is important to those who want to purchase diamonds to get the most out of their investment. 

Lab made diamonds vs natural diamonds

Lab diamonds and natural diamonds are different: There is a difference in how they are created, and also in their price and resale value; The rarity and desirability of the diamonds also differ. Here is the list of differences between lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds:

Production Time: Developed within weeks. Formed through geological processes over billions of years.
Composition: Made of carbon atoms structures. Made of carbon atoms structures.
Uniqueness: Produced in large quantities. This is a unique stone and no one is 100% identical to the other.
Price & Resale Value: It has a lower price with almost no resale value. It has a higher price, and the resale value is at 50% and more.
Availability: It is available in a wide range of diamond cuts and caratage. Also available in a range of shapes and carat weight.
Fits well in- It is attractive for some rings. It is the most desirable for cut engagement rings.

How to differentiate between lab diamonds and natural diamonds

lab made diamonds

You really cannot tell the difference between lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds just by looking at it. It requires special equipment. If you are a professional gemmologist, then you also need specific parameters to identify between them. One of the best ways to differentiate between lab-made diamonds and natural diamonds is to look at the diamond grading report.

When a professional gemologist is trying to determine whether a diamond is natural or lab-grown, they magnify to look at the nature of the diamond’s inclusions. These inclusions in a mined diamond appear somewhat different from a lab-grown diamond. Many times, there are differences in how these two types of diamonds reflect light.


Now comes the question regarding the worth of lab diamonds

It is a great question, and it is not so easy to answer. In short, the lab diamonds are cheaper, but they are not a good idea for resale value. But it would help if you did not view your purpose of buying a diamond as an investment point of view.

However, you should not entirely ignore the value. A natural diamond has about 50% of its value after the purchase. Further, the diamond value increases as the diamonds are precious, and their importance increases consistently. So, if you are planning to sell your natural diamonds, you should be getting about 50% or more resale value.

Price of lab diamonds and natural diamonds

We try to update you with information related to the prices of natural diamonds and lab-made diamonds. It does not help the viewers of this article to come up with the prices vaguely. 

You can compare lab-made diamond and natural diamond prices from some of the online retailers.
Or take the help of some experts who can help you with the market price and the worth. If you search for more reliable and trustworthy experts, you can always get in touch with to make sure you get the right price.

It is found that for identical diamonds, the lab-made diamond’s price was far less than the natural diamonds.

Is it a good idea to buy a lab diamond?

If you are considering buying a lab-made diamond ring, then you can save some amount by going with the lab-created diamond ring as a natural diamond is much costlier. But the same is valid with the resale value also.

Some people are also interested in buying rings, pendants, earrings, etc. made of lab-made diamonds as they find it cheaper and desirable. So it depends on their personal choice.

Is it fair to compare lab-made diamonds and natural diamonds?

The answer to this question is both Yes and No. The prices of the lab-created diamonds will decrease further. Another problem is, will they go away from the market? It is a tricky question since they are beautiful and there is nothing much to say. For many occasions like engagement, etc., a diamond ring is considered to be a must-have.

Bottom Line

Since you are going to invest a massive amount in your diamonds, you should always talk to experts who can help you with this. Rather than local jewelers, you can also consult with us. We will help you not only with your diamonds but with the experts; we can help you with the price as well.

So, it is better to know the difference between lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds to understand where you should invest your money. Fill the form below this article if you want us to give you a free of charge consultation regarding your diamonds:



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