How to Sell Diamond Earrings?

Can You Sell Diamond Earrings

There’s a variety of ranges and designs when it comes to diamond earrings, ranging from discreet earnings to more extravagant pieces. Are you the proud owner of a set of earrings that’s a family heirloom passed down to you? Or perhaps your husband gave you a stunning pair and you’re wondering what it’s worth now? This article will help you decide whether or not to sell diamond earrings and what to look out for

If you’re wondering where can I sell my diamond earrings, selling your jewels diamond earrings there are some aspects to deliberate. This article focuses on answering your questions on where to sell diamond earrings for the best prices. Start the process by asking the following questions:

  • What’s the value of my diamond earrings?
  • What steps can I take to retail my diamond earrings?

What’s the Value of my Diamond Earrings?

Determining the worth of your diamond earrings depends on various factors and can differ from one piece to another. Before a final offer can be made to you, potential buyers will consider some of these factors:

The label:

The worth of your diamond earrings increases if it was designed by a famous brand.

Details about the diamond earrings:

To get a preliminary quote you need to know the total mass of the carat. The lucidity of the diamond earrings and their grade is also important info to know.

The appearance:

Your diamond earrings must be kept in prime condition, free of any damage or scuffs. This will ensure you get the maximum price for it if you want to sell diamond earrings. If any damage is detected during the assessment the value can go down.

Antiquated or rare:

If your diamond earrings are considered vintage, meaning only a few pieces of that type exist, it will be more valuable than other jewelry. Keep in mind old diamond earrings don’t automatically equate to them being rare or vintage.

What Steps to Take to Retail Your Diamond Jewels Earrings

Get your Papers in Order, whenever you buy diamond earrings you’ll also receive papers with information on the diamond earrings. If your diamond earrings were given to you without any papers, you can still get them assessed at your nearest jewelry store. The jeweler can do an appraisal on the grading of the diamond, its hues as well as the clarity of the stone. They can also determine the mass of the carat. If you require a formal appraisal in writing it will cost you. A verbal assessment usually doesn’t cost you anything.

 Pick the Best Outlet to Sell Your diamond earrings

You’re spoiled for choice when peddling your diamond jewelry because there are various outlets available. To sell diamond earrings, make sure you mitigate all the risks before making your final decision.

Here are some outlets you can consider to sell diamond earrings:

Pawn Retailer:

If you need instant cash and aren’t ready to sell your jewelry, putting it up as collateral can be a viable option. It will cost you because interest is charged on the cash advance so this is a temporary fix only.

Participate in an Auction:

Visit auction websites that allow you to sell diamond earrings online. The drawback of this method is the auction site doesn’t have the expertise to appraise your jewelry accurately. They’re not diamond experts and there’s no assurance your piece will sell quickly. Also, if it’s sold you owe a percentage to the auction site.

Professional Auctioneers:

Diamond earrings auctioned at public auctions must be of a high pedigree in terms of rarity and worth to be auctioned there. Dealing with professional auctioneers ensures your jewelry will be correctly appraised. This specialized service comes at a high fee though.


To sell diamond earrings near me or locally,  approach a jeweler near you to negotiate a deal. Jewelers usually agree to a consignment service that can attract some commission. The duration of the sale can take years as your jewels will only be exposed to the clients who visit the store.

Specialist Buyers:

Dealing with specialist buyers like us (sell your jewelry, jewelry, and gemstones) is one of the best options you can consider to sell diamond earrings. We have the expertise and qualifications, and qualified gemologists who have a broad knowledge of selling and buying second-hand diamonds. Sell Your Jewelry appraise your diamond earrings fairly and will pay for it in less time than conventional outlets. Our service is completely free and safe with no concealed charges that’ll surprise you later on.

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